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  • Security in Schools

    Constantly new resources for security are launched and the majority is imperfection. In the truth, all the products are defective, what it really characterizes the functionality of the product is as its imperfection can be found or be manipulated by badly intentioned people. A particular school in the interior of So Paulo has little time told to the one security company that one of its pupils lacks the diverse lessons however, the ratchets and the system of the school affirmed that it was in the classroom, its presence, according to system, was undisputed. Defective system. Later, they had given the notice that the problem was not in cancels (exactly that ratchet) but yes in the used computer to store all the data of the school, error committed for the responsible one for the computer science that left the such computer in the net of excessively. The errors, after the problem having happened, had been arranged. Now, she thinks if this fell in missed hands, and if a person is of the school had access to these data that, beyond containing the data of presences of the pupils, could contain personal information of the same, names of relatives, CPF of parents and mothers, RGs, between many other information that would give to edge the outlaws to make extortions with parents of pupils of the school. Moreover, by chance or not, all the financial data of the computer of the treasure-house also were in this net fail, problem that was so far not corrected by indifference of the responsible one for computer science of this school.

    A simple permission in a folder of the net can cause great problems, ratchets would have to also exist in the net of the school, and not only in the entrances of the classrooms. This was a real case, that could have been worse, but that for luck it was not only and only. I wait that vocs that they are to the search of options of security for its schools, residences and apartments take the serious a physical and virtual security of the same ones. It guarantees that he will not be white of people or until badly intentioned groups who will be able to place the life of many in risk, beyond causing a great upheaval to you perhaps to its mark. If you need more efficient solutions in security, enter in contact with some companies, who will make of its environment a digital and physical wall.

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