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  • Colombia Country

    Among other reasons because the intervention that we have just experienced is a warning against internal conspiracies, which means, more less, as did them is I can take them off. What that slipping was not against bankers, was against his allies. Now, allies see that they do, stay quiet and enjoy the proceeds or become hypersensitive and decide that it is better to do without of the until now benefactor. In my opinion they will opt for the first thing and just peep some craving the Party Congress trying to some steps that protect them. Of course that cannot be side the voracity of the revolutionary bourgeoisie that was implemented in that while most have more I want. Do others?, others are based on the principle of while not getting with me. Things of corrupt power.

    Wednesday: 2010: did Annus mirabilis possibilis? 2010 Threatens to be the year of the catastrophe, but Venezuelans can make it in the year of the restart of the restarting, in a good year, i.e. in an annus mirabilis. A good year means curbing the hopelessness, organizing to the United country in its essence, exercised the resistance with consistency and determination, twisting the hand to the regime. Will not be achieved with oblivion of ills, but highlighting them in your truth; It will fail causing delusions of optimism to hide what is obvious and pathetic; will not be achieved with false political amusement but highlighting evidence of this disolutivo chaos in which the Republic disintegrates. Thursday: War contrary to what everybody thinks I think that war is possible. The bravado are the truth in the Fund. This poorly applied Military Academy student has in its memory the old teachings of Colombia as the enemy, now enhanced by the wall that the neighboring country embodies before their revolutionary expansion desires. It will give and will give laps, if another President other than Uribe remain with him a brief Moon of honey and then return to the old ways, as it has done with Obama.

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  • The Facts

    It is desirable that the subject is of interest to students not only to this, the current moment, but also fit into the overall perspective of student professional development, ie had a direct bearing on the pre-selected them of their future specialty. Very well, if the choice of topic is motivated by mutual interest to her, and student and teacher. This happens only when the supervisor himself busy with research work and in his chosen realm, requires the development of the region to study its students. Subject should also be feasible in the existing conditions. This means that the chosen topic for students available equipment and literature. Research topic is selected Given its relevance to modern science, and here the main support student has his supervisor, orienting the novice researcher in the degree of maturity of an issue, in accordance with what chosen topic and work. An undoubted indication of the relevance of research is a problem in their chosen field of science and practice.

    When and why did the problem occur? As a rule, its appearance is due to the fact that existing scientific knowledge does not allow us to solve new problems, learn new phenomena to explain previously unknown facts or to identify shortcomings of previous methods of explanation, accepted the facts and empirical patterns. At this stage you can not always pinpoint the topic of research, ways and means to develop and implement. To do this, examine the scientific literature on the subject. Typically, the study scientific publications carried out in stages.

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  • Venezuelan Military Academy

    The President of Venezuela visited the cadets of the Military Academy in his first public act since he returned to the country on Monday after operate of a tumor in Cuba. I’m still battling cancer, I promise you that we will win, he said. He said that his recovery is on track. I must not exceed me, should I stop the horse. With this joke has been unexpectedly quits the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, before the cadets of the Military Academy in his first public act since he returned to the country on Monday after operate of a tumor in Cuba. Chavez acknowledged that it must slow down because you feel like jogging, although you can’t. The Venezuelan President came dressed in sportswear from the Military Academy and cruised installations saluting officers and cadets along with his Minister of Dnsa, general Carlos Mata.

    Now I am as revived and I have started a new life as Cadet on this patio, said Chavez, to emphasize the importance which took for its passage through the Military Academy and remember the battle that against cancer after surgery last June 20. I’m struggling against him (cancer), it is a difficult disease, but I promise you that we will live and will win, he added. Chavez also went to step of the comments that was considered a crazed minority who have doubts about the veracity of the cancer. Now, some say that lie, (that) no, that was an invention of Fidel Castro and Chavez. If you would like the abdomen, I won’t show course, () I do not know how many points, he said. Recovery added that it carries out a positive recovery at this early stage, but come new stages, and showed a leaf with the medical plan for the day in which read that it must meet two hours of physiotherapy and that it had booked time employed in work and sign documents.

    The Venezuelan leader said he has reflected much these days about the pace of life that had been and who has chosen to live living, motto which repeats in its political speeches to the rrirse to the purpose of their policies. If I’m saying that the people have to give a live, living, how can I be yo in a live dying?, asked. Chavez said that he approached to review the strong and wanted to reach out to the Military Academy, which considered the alma mater of this House for my second birth because here I was born for the second time. Source of the news: Chavez surprised on his visit to the Venezuelan Military Academy: “Love jogging, though I can’t”

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