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  • Reserve Water

    Carlos Mora Vanegas we see with concern as the world has been polluting the waters, giving way to businesses than through their processes, exploitation, seriously affect the environment where they operate, regardless of the social cost, the deterioration of the environment and not foreseeing the future consequences that this generates. In the Venezuelan case thats a fact as we see how the waters of many rivers of different regions are being polluted, waters like Lakes Maracaibo, Valencia so much havoc that already are causing, as well as its rivers, seas. Perhaps for that reason, the interest of Venezuela participate in Antarctic Treaty in order to ensure the preservation of the most important of the humanity of the Antarctic continent natural reserve, as it represents in the future a palatable piece from the economic-political point of view, since it houses a gigantic reserve of fresh water. Approximately 90% of the purest freshwater on Earth, is located in Antarctica, which could cause a confrontation to future Minister of the Popular power for science and technology (MCT), Hector Navarro, Member of the Cabinet of the President of Hugo Chavez, has stated, to that Venezuela is part of the Antarctic Treaty, because it is believed necessary the preservation of this reserve for future generations about 90% of the purest freshwater on the planet Earth, found in Antarcticawhich could cause a confrontation in the future for his part, the director of the Venezuelan Research Institute (Ivic), Angel Viloria, attached to the MCT entity, has expressed, that Antarctica acts as witness to the activity anthropogenic over the rest of the planet. Variations in the ozone layer or the dynamics of glaciers and sea ice provide a log of changes that occur in the rest of the Earth, warming in Antarctica affects one way or another their ecosystems and at the same time influences on future biodiversity, since many Antarctic species are susceptible to these changes, especially the coastal.

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  • Iranian Substances

    Everything that we eat, breathe, or feel, is influencing our health. Also what we drink, and in particular the quantity and quality of the water we drink. Water, as we have seen in previous posts, is vital to the body. They are involved in the disposal of waste, in tissue repair, digestion, in the thermoregulation, etc.Therefore, the water quality can determine our health. According to many experts, or water flowing from the tap or the bottled is water quality.

    The processes by which passes the water to be potable, generate Undeletable harmful to health, such as chlorine. The chlorine destroys vitamin E, alter the intestinal flora and can irritate the stomach. We already know the effects that has chlorine in the eyes, after swim in any pool. As it just passes on the inside of our body.The reality the water that we drink today is energy-dead, dysfunctional and highly contaminated. It has nothing to do with water fountains and springs that our great grandfathers drank. The current water is mainly polluted by petroleum products.

    The famous acid rain penetrates into impermeable layers of the Earth and pollute underground aquifers. Legally, it is considered drinking water if it meets some minimum requirements. Allowable impurities are regulated by Royal Decree 120/2003 of 7 February, whereby health criteria of quality of water for human consumption. Show the quantities of minerals, ph, conductivity and hardness. Also regulates the maximum amount of toxic substances. That is, that our drinking water has elements such as arsenic, cyanide, chromium and nickel.Therefore, we have a dead, unstructured and water, sometimes contaminated by the products themselves and mechanisms that are used for debugging. Not surprisingly, they are allocated to this water some pathologies that have become chronic. Water, as all object, has its own vibratory pattern. Water, it absorbs resonance, the frequencies of the materials with which it has contact. That is, that water has, to put it another way, memory. And remember the substances with which it has been. And these frequencies of different substances, sometimes manage to break its natural structure becoming a dead and physically dysfunctional, liquid that also conveys the unfavorable frequencies of harmful substances that have been in contact. The scientist Peter Gross, says that 98% of Western households have water hygienically acceptable but dead in energetic sense by the internal pressure of the pipes and numerous treatments to which it is subject living water, processes that break down and dismantled the ordinands structures that carry the therapeutic and vital information of pure water. An alteration of the molecular structure may cause numerous organ malfunctions, since dead water which we drink does not comply well with functions that develops the living water in our body.In this same line of Iranian origin FBatmanghelid, author of the book doctor manifests: its body claims the water crying voices, the aue explains how chronic dehydration current of our body is the cause of many diseases.

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  • Rena Ware Cookware

    Last week we wrote about how to maintain a healthy life eating gourmet. In that article we said that the type of food we eat, the way I process it (method of cooking) and the quantities that we eat are the main factors that must be taken into account to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We always hear that we are what we eat, what we drink and what you breathe; in this order of ideas, before feeding us obviously must be processed (prepared) foods and this process involves the use of three techniques of cooking foods. The first is the technical Comahue in which it is bleached, it boils, is pocha, it brasea, it estofa, is ignited, cooks steam and the papillote; the second is the technique of dry heat accompanied by some fat that skip, is FRY and is fried (deep fried); the third is the technique of dry heat without use of fats in which bakes, cooks grilled and is cooked to the grill (grille) the method for cooking with a minimum of water corresponds to the first technique is tell of Comahue specifically when kiln (stewing) meats. The wise nature think foods that provide us all the vitamins and nutrients you need every human body. Unfortunately through ignorance often kill these vitamins when we use certain methods of cooking food. In addition to its flavor and color, foods contain large amounts of vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes that are essential for the functioning of the human body, if we acquire them properly through a balanced diet in which the process of transformation of food plays a primary role. The method for cooking with a minimum of water is possible to making a water seal that forms around the lid, that keeps air out of the Pan and steam inside.

    Rena Ware brand Nutri-Plex technology facilitates this process since it distributes heat evenly from the bottom to the sides of the container, which allows the use of lower temperatures and therefore substantial savings of energy. Thanks to this innovative method for cooking with a minimum of water with the Rena Ware Cookware, food merman less, highlight your color, saves money, work, time, energy, taste, calories are reduced, lowered fats and vitamins are preserved, since the food is cooked in its own juices, derived in meals more nutritioustasty, tasty and juicy at the same time. In summary, the cooking with a minimum of water, differs from conventional cooking, because no is required to incorporate fats, or large amounts of water, only a minimum of liquid, to generate the necessary steam that allows making the seal of Cap water. The recipe for this week is the miraculous chicken of Rena Ware in whose preparation technique is applied today explained. Until next week.

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