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  • Transportation

    Yes, you’ve probably heard more than enough on the wonderful powers of this abundant element burns fat. Even so, there are hundreds of reasons why you should start to consume between 8 to 10 cups 10 oz per day (approximately 2 to 3 litres a day). The most important reason? Water is consumed adequately provides the foundation of any weight loss program, no matter what type of program is. This is probably the most underrated strategy and more overlooked that exists. Do you know which is the best part? It is cheap, secure, always available, delicious and totally free of side effects. This is perfect, you don’t need to spend large amount of money on supplements that only help moderately. So, that water is the Foundation for weight loss programs? In fact, the proper consumption is much more than that; they are the basics of a healthy lifestyle.

    It is also basic in several critical processes of the body such as: * regulate body temperature. * Lubrication of joints. * Transportation of nutrients. * Removal of different waste materials from the body. * Aid to proper digestion. * Maintains a healthy skin tone.

    ** The water keeps and motivates the proper functioning of the kidneys, which increases the efficiency of the ability to burn fat in the liver. Works also as suppressor of appetite, people who are on a diet regime and do not increase if consumption of water, usually have more appetite than those who consume it. ** The water consumption reduces fluid retention, if it is. If your body is deprived of water, it is more likely to try to retain the little water that has. On the other hand, the increase in the consumption of water will make your body stop its preventive action of fluid retention. It is not strange that people lose 1 to 2 pounds of weight after increasing its consumption of water.

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  • The Water

    This is a sacred place where there is a nature reserve with a variety of monkeys. They say its inhabitants that during Holy week, on Friday, at 12 o’clock, in the Hill opens a door that leads to the interior and an object could be removed without delay, of the contrary contract illnesses and fears. The myth of the Valley of the Patia in time immemorial, the Valley of the Patia had no vegetation. Everything was covered with water forming a quiet lake whose shores were licking the feet of Western and central cordilleras. Variety of multicolored, brimming with fish from the top of the mountains and joy they danced in the water, the inhabitants of the Earth recreating his gaze watching her Green aquamarine.

    Every day, when the Sun stopped in the middle of the sky, the birds of the cordillera central and Western put agreement to change of cordillera. They then flew over water, singing rhythmic tunes that gave rise to the bambuco patiano. The birds, to the interbreed formed a precious polychrome, so that the soul of the Lake filled with emotion. But the evil has always existed. It is not known where they came two monsters large and gray, with a huge, full of sharp teeth and thousands of feet trunk.

    These monsters are interned in the sea and devoured the goldfish. Then, when the birds were his spectacle, the monsters jumped, catching many while flying and chasing the rest with his voice hoarse as of Thunder. Subsequently, they began to swim from North to South and South to North, skirting mountain ranges and began to drink the water. After that were all water monsters are swollen. With their legs and their snouts gaps opened two tremendous, were buried and fell asleep. Then, from their jaws began to sprout water spurting that eventually was diminishing. The water coming out of the mouth of the two monsters gave rise to the Patia and Guachicono rivers.

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  • Mineral Water

    Absence of big budgets, unconventional ideas and marketing 2.0, the brand has just launched a blog, written by the Brand Manager. Aware of the limited scope that has a blog, the outpost of the Eagle raises this relaunch as a long journey that will travel slowly, in line with the current position of the Premium waters within the market of mineral waters and the situation of the segment in general. What we intend to, explained Sergio Molina, is to give presence to the product, because, currently, many consumers do not ask the Charter of water when they go to a restaurant, simply because it is a category that has no head. In recent years, other brands have not advertise their products in this segment and this is an opportunity that we must seize. In this blog, the first of its kind for a Premium water, surfers can find up-to-date news of new product developments, singularities and above all allow users to give their ideas about the product or the brand strategies; It is to bring marketing done by users taking into account that knowledge is universal and free, and to hang up our Blog on the internet we hope that it is disseminated as quickly as possible so that this new stage is innovation and creativity explains Molina. In addition to contributing ideas, they may ask Brand Manager any quesions having thereon. Respond to all the comments in the blog, and every 15 days, publish a post with information, curiosities, news and events about Seductive Mineral Water.

    Marketing 2.0 is probably the largest transformation that has happened in 100 years in the relationship between products and services and customers/users. Marketing 2.0 is not a technique or a set of actions, is the marketing of ideal for a completely different culture marked by Internet web 2.0 facilitates individual contribution to the objectives of the members of an organization, whether big or small, so that with a human capital and a proper motivation, the success of the future organizations will behave as if all their participating external or internal were managers what is achieved? Conversation, new ideas, disparity of views, critical, by people who found out the brand itself. In addition, is the effect that causes users that with this strategy is opening and image that is listening to those who consume the drink for more information, contact: notes for editors: about La Posta del Aguilala Posta of the Aguila is a leader in the production and sale of water Premium on international markets. The Posta del Aguila has baggers in other countries, sales offices, centers of research and development, and supply points strategically located around the world. Original author and source of the article.

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