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  • Curricular Parameters

    The young can easily allow that its attention if loses and more if it does not recoup. It disciplines it is important so that the line of thought, or the logic of the narrative if does not lose in the desconcentrao. Therefore, the pupil could be guided how much to the daily time that it it will have to also use. The establishment of definitive pages will leave to the pupil daily goals to be reached. It needs to think about a schedule where he will have little risk of distraction. Good sleep also will assist in the concentration capacity, as well as good feeding and the ingestion of water. The environment must be optimum possible, without photos on the writing-desk/table, environment with good illumination and white, green, pink or blue colors light, as clear.

    These practical advice can be more important of what if imagines, in any way, are better to advise them so that they are improved in good customs will follow that them forever. formative 2.Leitura? On character, dignity? romance as ‘ ‘ The island perdida’ ‘ The professor is responsible in helping the pupil to be a better person. The pupil will have to be a respectable citizen and that he will contribute for the society. It will vote, give military services, will constitute family and work with other people. Being thus, the pupil must have contact with readings that present to it? Readings of reflection – love and passion/religion? Provocative readings with didactic and gradual sequencia? To defy the pupil to interpret and to understand possible Annexes? field research? To interview a definitive number of pupils, to know the amount of books read for semester/year. That type of book?

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  • Axe Education

    Dom Casmurro the romance dom Casmurro, properly does not say in education, but exemplifica for some ways the way as she was done in century XIX. What if it can infer that the education received for bentinho was responsible for its casmurrice. Seno, let us see: only son, it early is orphan. In house, he lives confined. The mother, D.Glria, are very religious, but of a religion of appearances, therefore bentinho goes for the seminary for promise, and promise that finishes for if changed, also lives of incomes, what it points as somebody in the periphery of the capitalism. D.Glria does not point as somebody energetic thing as well as is not the uncle Cosme, lawyer, sluggish. Justina cousin is an aggregate and without proper sustenance.

    Jose Days, smart and to its energetic way, also finishes for being for Bentinho a model of adequacy to the convivncias. Perhaps it finishes for being, in the lack of the father, the masculine model of Bentinho. Perhaps either, with Jose Days that Bentinho learns to insinuate he says, it in ' ' tone menor' '. Or it will be Capitu? Or wanted it to say that this is a human behavior? Axe leaves to see indistinctly another problem of century XIX _a education of the woman: it normally does not go to the school; what it learns is in the home. Axe prefers the women who think. By the way, preferred Axe this type of education? On the other hand, in this of the mother to complete the son would not be an idea of that Ezequiel (son) was dissimulated as Capitu? It would have learned with it, or he was hereditary? Axe, in the literary text, does not affirm, insinuates, leaves to the reader its conclusions. It will not be its real agreement of the Pedagogia? She will not be this practical pedagogical that it recommends? The education of the woman According to R.Magalhes Jr, ' ' Axe is sentencioso of ours escritores' '.

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  • Literary Choices

    Alessandra Fonseca In these vacations forcibly drawn out because of umvrus, I had the instigante chance to beat to one papo with the parents of alunada 5 series. By the way, that the related parents are my formerones mestrado, doctors and that they possess a vast theoretical quantity. The subject was: literary choices for 5 and 6 series. I observed that, despite rich and amused, in our dialogue was faltandoideias that at the moment I did not display them (why will be? &#039 would be fear of not being aprovadapela; banca') or I formulated that them after this pleasant meeting. is porcausa of these my barulhentos quiet thoughts/that I considered escrevereste text.

    During some time in the school, exactly lecionando arts eredao, the task to select books to be read for the pupils was not exatamenteminha and yes of the Portuguese professors. However, in 2009 it happened currently I divide the literary indications with my colleagues of Portuguese. Etal activity has been as a stranger 1 learning. to introduce my ideas you distress, would like to deiniciar with a citation that, not for mere coincidence, if finds justamenteno book that I indicated to the pupils of 6 series so that they read in the vacations: When a fly beats the wings, a breeze of the return to the world; when a dust grain falls in the ground, all the planet is a little heavier; e, when you beat with the foot, the Land if moves away slightly from its trajectory. When you laugh, the espraia joy if as ondinhas in a lake; when ficatriste, nobody in place none can be happy. Something very seemed ocorrecom the knowledge, therefore, when you learn some new thing, the mundointeiro if becomes richer (JUSTER, 2008, p.235). Then, we go (I and you, reading) to adentrar nestevelho/new knowledge. For me, the school has a defining position of the bagagemliterria of the pupils, moreover, it can take to the consecration or aoesquecimento of produced books.

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