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  • Supreme Court

    The lawyers inform Dittenheber & Werner from Munich on the 04.05.2011 was the German Federal Supreme Court found that the interest of a parent on an initial training may weigh heavier, as the purchase obligation to the children (BGH XII ZR 70/09). The law firm Dittenheber & Werner Munich family law specialists inform the judgment. Parents are obliged to maintain their minor children. To the satisfaction of the claim to child maintenance, it must take all reasonable, take, for example, also backup and auxiliary. Against this background, a unterhaltsverpflichteter father of the child against the mother of the children complained. She had taken their initial vocational training at the age of 30 years and was therefore no longer able to deny their share of the child support. The desires of the father of the child reflected the conflict between the interest in vocational training and the right of children to maintenance.

    Negotiated dispute was not disputed that the remuneration of the vocational training in While exercise of an ancillary activity not sufficient would, to comply with the obligation to pay maintenance. So, the Supreme Court had to decide whether the inclusion of initial vocational training is more important than the right of children to maintenance. The judicial courts had not followed the requests of the applicant father and also the German Federal Supreme Court made no exception. In continuation of a BGH decision of 1993 (BGH XII ZR 172/92) was the 12th Civil Chamber, that vocational training forms part of the debtor mother of the child’s life needs. This was primarily to evaluate, so the Federal Court of Justice in its judgment against the interests of the children living. However, the interests would have to be weighed against by parents and children in each individual case. The balance in the favor of the child’s mother was in the negotiated lawsuit. After the early birth of the children she was active in various working conditions, a low economic efficiency with pronounced installed would have.

    The inclusion of a training as a retail clerk is, regardless their age of 30 years, suitable to increase their performance in the future and to ensure that the child support. The training recording cannot be objectionable from maintenance-legal point of view. The judgment of the Federal Court of Justice shows that the maintenance obligations towards children before a legitimate life needs to retire. When this is the case, determined according to the circumstances of each individual case. To achieve this the best possible implementation of own needs and interests, family law matters should be accompanied by an experienced legal counsel. The law firm Dittenheber & Werner Munich family law specialists are your clients at all times with help and advice.

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  • Trade Fair

    No one is like me! -Study orientation seminars in advance of the education fair horizon Mannheim, 22.10.2010 every human being has a unique personality and a variety of skills, to discover that it is true. A few days before the start of the horizon, the trade fair for graduate education, the KIWI offers expert help for a targeted visit of the established education fair career / personality consulting. On Saturday, November 13, 2010, horizon check Mainz held from 10 to 17 hrs of KIWI. At an attractive price, young active help in finding received from 85 euro (including materials) to the correct place in the training and working life. Proven test processes and intensive evaluation discussions, the participants make discovering who they are, what they can and what they would even be. Questions such as what are my strengths?”, which study and what career is right for me?” and how I achieve this goal? “be worked up in the seminar and shared with each participant individually answered. The result is matched to the study and education of the horizon.

    With this guide, visit the education fair can contact about eighty universities on November 20 and 21 in the Mainzer Rheingoldhalle well prepared and efficiently be treated, talks with the competent employees at the booths and companies from the region and the whole country will lead to concrete knowledge of young people in this way. Considering the fact that involves time losses appearing unfortunate broken study or a broken training with high costs and in the curriculum vitae, the KIWI, horizon check here can offer valuable assistance targeted to find its way. Registration is by email at, there’s appointments information under 06131 / 2634534 or. The horizon will be held on 20 and 21 November 2010 in the Rheingoldhalle, Mainz. It is open from 10 am to 4 pm both Saturday and Sunday.

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  • Walter Training

    forward academy invited recruiters from transport and logistics for the collegial exchange of experience after Wettenberg anticipation is the best joy is known. And so the Training Institute specialising in transport and logistics academy brought forward”1 free day of training on March 18, 2011 30 HR decision-makers an experience of a special kind: from the company’s headquarters in the Central Hessian Wettenberg it went together in a two-hour hike over romantic field – and forest roads up on the medieval castle Gleiberg. There the invited HR managers exchanged with numerous experts on future issues in education and training. Wettenberg, 04 April 2011 demographic change shows his face: shrinking population, declining birth rates, fewer and fewer young professionals and an aging workforce also the transport and logistics industry make difficult to create. The companies, which predicted challenges to overcome, and in particular the attempt with individual personnel development concepts To alleviate the skills shortage. “On one point all the experts agree: without well-trained career changers, the future of the logistics sector in Germany looks bleak”, know Stefan Urke, Managing Director of forward academy. Together with an experienced team of trainers he has developed a training concept, under the name of fit4logistics”at the start goes and has a modular structure.

    Stefan Urke: The first training cycle will begin in August. Currently we talk with many companies, as well as with the employment agency, which is intended to promote our offer.” Free day 1 of training”could inform the present personal first-hand about the concept, the target groups and its applications. HOLM: Platform for know-how transfer to the Castle came also Professor Dr. Stefan Walter. ‘ The Managing Director of the House of logistics and mobility “(HOLM) strongly warned to equate the excellent technical infrastructure with professional expertise: we are according to studies, while logistics champions ‘ but not due to our competence.

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  • University Education

    HYPOTHESES the defection in courses EAD of the UNIT can diminish with the development of a proposal pedagogical with methodologies contextualizadas in New Technologies of the Information and the Communication in accordance with the problematic one lived deeply by the pupils. 0 VARIABLE OF THE RESEARCH: Independent: The proposal pedagogical used by the Tiradentes University for education with the use of the technologies makes it difficult the learning of the long-distance pupils, taking to turn into a desert them it of the courses in EAD. Dependents: In the distance to reduce the defection of the pupils in the courses of education of the UNIT. 2 MOTIVATION AND STATE OF the ART (presentation of pertinent the theoretical referencial to the considered object of inquiry) Currently, are not a great problem to obtain to be university, had to the great investments of public politics that each time more if worry in including the people who independent of the reason felt difficulty. In Brazil the Law of Lines of direction and Bases leaves well clear this inclusion in Art. 44 that it says: The superior education will enclose the following courses and programs: I – sequential courses for field to know of different levels of abrangncia, opened candidates who take care of to the requirements established for the education institutions; II – of graduation, opened the candidates who have concluded average education or equivalent and have been classified in selective process; Thus, for inclusion in a University, Brazil has if worried very about a methodology that is igualitria so that all the pupils who conclude Average Ensino can enter without empecilho in the universities. The system of quotas is one of the methods that have facilitated of igualitria form to the ingression of young in the independent public universities of color, race, religion and among others. The Project of Law n 3,627 of 2004 ' ' It institutes Special System of Vacant Reserve for students Egresses of public schools, in special blacks and aboriginals, the federal public institutions of superior education and of the others providncias.' ' Although, the system of quotas either a emergencial measure to divide the amount of vacant between pupils of public and particular school, gives credit that it is not solution so that let us have an education in Brazil with quality.

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  • Online School

    Online school the virtual classroom after Germany’s universities on the online learning to have touched up now also first schools follow suit. In Bavaria, for example an evening high school offers at home on your home computer four school years. Also launched Lower Saxony model project for the East Frisian Islands will change the teaching of some subjects. The online is to imagine but also for rural areas, where many families move away, missing teachers and close schools must learn. The teaching in the virtual classroom is a quiet teacher.” It discusses texts while in the classroom, distribute tasks and questions – but the students sit in a classroom located several kilometres from him.

    He speaks in a camera and sees “his” students on a big flat screen. Camera and screen is also available in the classroom of the students for mutual communication. Advantages virtual classroom: schools can cooperate with missing subject or language teachers with each other. A Spanish teacher for example, their hours at the same time before the own and the classes of partner schools could hold. A teacher is sick, takes the lessons the teacher of a partner school. No more classroom failure. Students have more choice of subjects. Subjects which exist in cooperating schools, but not on its own, can be selected.

    Coordinated timetables of the partner schools are a prerequisite. From viewpoint of the sixteen Ministries: personnel costs can be lowered and uneconomic schools closed. Technically, anything is possible – thanks to faster Internet connections, digital panels and video conference software today to online learning. The schools are equipped with digital signs, so-called whiteboards, where the teacher write. You can view on this but also text, images or videos. Everything is transferred directly – even the painting arrives stroke for stroke with the pupil. An external provider will make sure that the connection is available and the software works. CONCLUSION! The virtual classroom is most likely for future generations so of course be like for today’s generation of teachers, which is before the Blackboard. Should assert themselves more Government austerity and the communication technology evolving at the present pace, are many unforgettable relationships”by teachers and students for the past. Really a shame! Learn more about the online school: info/school/online-school education service and guidance for students, trainees, graduates, students, parents, and adults is bildungsdoc. Find all here is simple and fast unbiased information on educational topics, education, training providers and educational institutions. Matching funding, including funding programs will be presented too many Bildungsmassnahmenim domestic and abroad. Including grants (money gifts) and/or low-interest loans can be. There are neutral information, hints and tips for trips abroad, school, Study, vocational training, job search and training. bildungsdoc AP: Horst beef Theodor Friedrich WEG 4 01279 Dresden E-Mail: Internet:

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