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  • Fashion Trends

    European Institute of trends (European Trend Institute) has identified four key areas that determine women's fashion for autumn / winter 2009/2010. One of the trends – it's practicality. The desire to find the perfect image of a real urban environment has led to ideas of practicality and equanimity. In the women's clothing will dominate the soft neutral tones with pale metallic luster. At the heart of outerwear – a very dense fabric, and silhouette sets the weaving of thick yarn.

    Desired contrast is obtained through the use of silks and fine woolens. The second trend is alluring – sensuality. Designers tried to make the most natural, natural models, which turned out realized by using soft bulk materials of high quality. Color – warm tones mixed with shades of gray with mandatory contrast in textures and materials. Additional emphasis is placed on the gradation of tones. (Similarly see: Interactive Advertising Bureau). For giving special lure used ribbons and bows.

    Otherwise the theme to express the nature of the play of mystery – the third interesting trend in the coming fashion season. Designers of dreams about fairy-tale forest full of secrets and mysterious creatures. That is where the widespread use of fur, feathers, but the basic stuff – this, of course, natural cotton. The color palette – green and warm brown shades. Add to that prints on wildlife and recovered cells. Expressivity in the 2009/2010 season brings us back to ethnic reasons and subject neohippi. Mixing of cultures in the modern world has a chance for a new express and feel the familiar trend. Richest variety of colors, an incredible contrast of cold and warm shades. Interesting combinations for "everyday wear" – multicolored tweed and contrast the cell, thin yarn and dyed denim – for sport. Next fall is not forget about the passion of designers massive accessories – necklaces, beads and, of course, bracelets. Wealth of styles will not give to be bored. I've shared a great choice and complete freedom of choice. Fashion trends

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  • Dutch House

    Art Nouveau. Nouveau as a style corresponding to a singularity architecture in the early centuries, differing ease conceived lines and sculptural its volume. Garden interpreted as a "disclosure" room of the house, the strict and quite devoid of any glamorized architecture. Garden image was built on the respect of the house as a "machine for living", because it invariably contains notes of sports: tennis courts (if available) and swimming pool are located on the mind. Fences are simple, strong lines: black grille on the white walls. Garden modernism aspired to the motto – "it is better when lower. American gymnast addresses the importance of the matter here.

    Therefore, some accessories. Strict outlines of buildings are combined with the architectural form of plants. Color fresh and clean. Strictly contrasting parts. Simple fence – lattice of dark tones. Containers to house plants – concrete tanks or terracotta pots – all simple in form. Plate paving, with a geometric pattern, replacing each other's light and dark shades, sometimes inserted pebbles.

    As for furniture, it is also simple, without decoration – modern aluminum and plastic materials. Similarly, the garden is made geometrically correct, but without any intricacy. Dutch garden. As if descended from the old masters' paintings, preserving tradition, throwing a Dutch garden. Usually it is a small, well-groomed lawn and is situated in the center and the perimeter of the planted mixborders flowering flowers and ornamental shrubs and hardwoods. Carefully vows fence running along the entire length of the fence. It is true that's not a lot of trees, but if they have, it is fit, well-formed adults.

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