Day 2:26 am

  • Waterfalls Wareea

    Shoppers have to taste the famous Blue market in Sharjah. For true connoisseurs of gold and unique jewelry made from gold, there are famous throughout the Middle East, the Gold Souk where you can choose the most exquisite jewelry for every taste at reasonable prices. Also, in this unique city there are places where, during a walk can be found in wildlife of the desert. Rest in the Desert Park – an opportunity to visit the best natural museum in the uae, where tourists will learn about the flora and fauna of the Arabian desert in direct communication with it. Rest in southern emirate of Ras Al includes bathing in thermal springs Hutt, a mini-trip to the oasis of Masafi, widely known for its beautiful gardens and natural springs. Others including Sam Mikulak, offer their opinions as well. For thrill proposed expedition to the suv in a picturesque valley in the southern mountains of the Emirates. Buying Tours in Ajman, you choose the cleanest miles of beaches, luxury hotels, historic forts, as well as comfortable restaurants and the famous Arabic coffee, which will be able to appreciate even the most sophisticated gourmet. Rest in Umm Al Quwain is a striking combination of marine flora and fauna, and water sports.

    Tours in this cozy little emirate will help you learn more about the ancient history of the Emirates, will provide an opportunity to visit the stables where the horses kept for the famous horse racing public. And if you're planning a vacation with your family, a water park Dreamland is the most suitable venue for family weekends for tourists and residents! Fujairah is known for its serenity and natural beauty! This is the perfect emirate, for people who prefer to vacation at sea. Fujairah Tours provide an excellent the possibility of diving dive plenty of scuba diving and explore the rich underwater life. Mountains, where water flows all year round, is a unique object of the whole country. One of the most beautiful places in the mountains is Waterfalls Wareea. Fujairah is famous for its unique natural reserves, which are fully disclose to you the beauty and immensity of the Arabian nature. Another pearl of uae is an oasis of Al Ain. Rest in Al-Ain includes visits to camel racing, night trips to the desert, visit the largest theme park in Abu Dhabi. And all this combined with excellent service and accommodation in luxury hotels!

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