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  • State Rights

    After checking the steering and elevation on the absence of cracks or defects, verify the correct installation level steering and elevation relative to the front wheel. Then check the condition of front brake. Marc Lore describes an additional similar source. Check the status of connecting rods in the absence of any swing. Any swing of the connecting rods relative to the axis is invalid. In simple cases – the swing is eliminated by tightening the mounting bolts to the crank axis.

    If you take the ends of the rods, and try to move past the left and right, and if you have managed at least a little, then you have problems with carriage. Remove the chain from the front sprocket, thus you can freely rotate the cranks. If necessary, can be removed and the rear wheel. In this position, it is easy to determine whether the slide needs to be lubricated. Using the allen key, check the mounting bolts front sprocket on the right crank. Then make sure that the pedal rotates freely and without any extraneous sounds. Make sure that the rear derailleur, the state of the rolling rollers chain.

    Check the smoothness and accuracy of switching speeds with lower to higher and higher to lower. Check the fixation of the left and right switch position. Check the status of front derailleur. Please attention to a parallel circuit with respect to the brackets switch. Switching should be fast and reliable. Finally, make sure the bolts attaching the saddle to the seatpost and pin to the frame.

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  • May Yes

    The future in the bath this modern and convenient solution paves new bathroom concepts. It is a mobility guarantee in the bathroom in our aging society. A prime example, what today so everything can be done from a small space. It in a very clear and appealing design and high quality and State of the art technology. Enter the all-inclusive solution in the bath as it were bathing: Wheelchair accessible – sit – gently plunge – bath enjoy the integrated door of tempered safety glass makes getting into the shower or tub as easy as never before.

    The lifting cushion (= tub lift) is in the upper position, they sit comfortably. Check out CEO of e-commerce for additional information. Button now dive with approx. 10 mm / sec. gently into the incoming water until the desired position of the Sun. You will feel safe there and need no foreign help. Now you can enjoy your relaxing bath and feel around. Already thinking about tomorrow – safety in time planning a very customer-friendly is the fact that today the lifting cushion in the form of a preliminary Setup sets and later – if necessary – at any time to be upgraded can.

    Who renovated his bathroom today, invested for decades and we all will happen earlier. Tub replacement in 24 hours – shower including an ideal possibility available, old bath takes away and replaced by a DuschBadWanne. This has happened only a day. Now you can Dsuchen and bathing ground. So why renovate for high costs and salted prices equal to the full bath. May Yes washbasin and WC toilet in order and the vulnerability is in fact shower and bath area. Later, a further renovation of the bath is possible at any time. This “small” solution is often useful and saves investment of money, time, effort, noise, dust & dirt on the bathroom renovation. More information under: short film see: contact: Frank Weiss – owner of “the BAD frank white” in 57462 Olpe (NRW) 0 27 61 / 9 4 18 4 0

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