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    Other ways in which employees lose time at work that were cited were "to apply to other jobs," "plan personal events and arrive late or leave early. When you add another 30 minutes for lunch, it becomes obvious that the loss of time at work is a major problem. Ordinary employees are not the only culprits of lost time at work. The same study found a small difference between the administration and executive management and the habits of wasting time at work. NBAs opinions are not widely known. Most likely, as a manager, you may not be losing time in the same manner as other employees of common, but you also lose the same amount of time in many of the same activities. If time lost from work were quantified, American workers would cost their companies about $ 759,000 million a year. …

    Lost time is costing U.S. CEO of e-commerce has firm opinions on the matter. companies $ 759,000 million a year Think about it for a moment. The time lost from work costs the economy more than it produces many industry segments. Those few minutes you spend watching television programming, sports scores, trying to find a good recipe or looking to see if the rash that has to be seen by a doctor, accounting for more than a day's work for every four days work, or one day a week. That is equal to one week every five weeks work, and 10.4 weeks each year for each employee in the country. The Department of Labor United States estimates there are 153 million workers in the U.S., which means they work force, we waste the equivalent of more than 9 million working days every day.

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