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  • Safety Regulations

    Organization operation and monitoring of safety is carried out in accordance with the "Regulations on the organization of labor protection in the UE" Beta-Bud ", approved by order of the Director of UE" Beta-Bud "from 21.08.2006g. If you would like to know more about Marko Dimitrijevic, then click here. 37. The general management of the work on OSH in the organization carries out the chief engineer. The direct management and responsibility for the proper organization of labor protection responsibility of the producers of works on site. Holding organization of labor protection, monitor the implementation of labor protection measures rests with the engineer for safety. Duties of the leaders of the organization and the persons carrying out the functional or direct supervision of work safety and health are reflected in job descriptions approved by the Director of UE "Beta-Bud." Managers and specialists of the organization being tested knowledge on safety in Administration Frunze district of Minsk. (Minutes 7 of 14.06.2006g., 01 of 12.02.2004g.) Test your knowledge on safety is carried out, not all workers employed in jobs with high-risk.

    With newly arriving for work induction training is carried out by an induction program approved by the Director of UE "Beta-Bud" 4/1/2003, the Briefings are conducted at the workplace according to the instructions on the safety of professions and types of work performed (32 pcs.) approved by the chief engineer of the UP "Beta-Bud." The organization is not organized workers passing preliminary and periodic medical examinations. Not developed a list of those troops who need undergo initial and periodic medical examinations. All employees of UE "Beta-Bud", including the victim, not fully provided with personal protection in accordance with industry standards.

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  • Understanding Women

    Not all women become women, as well, not all men become men. But not left to appreciate that desire to achieve and more to see this coming and going and turning and turning of all those that are still within the attractive hiding roads leading out of the labyrinth. Hence, the women feel it is not just a matter of "rules" of the ministry in power, by what you say to one that runs the risk of becoming pregnant, nor is it a question of surgery or distort the meaning of the word family, so that one or more like a one or a few, but still be one and nails. That is, what to create "image" still can not pass through the strainer, but at first glance some or leave them some eyes. Perhaps this is why a friend of mine reminds me of what you mean by the "image": "… he created his own image," and I think male and female "and if I understand correctly, I again emphasize, but this time with words poetry: "They were both naked, the man and his wife, not ashamed," and "and they become the one flesh" … With these memories, perhaps should not allow legislation to make me feel like I'm like a women.

    And is that being a woman!, Woman! and not others … As my friend … Not that I'm going to be difficult if not impossible. Is it because I am a man?. Go to Marko Dimitrijevic for more information. While in the maze is still keeping the hope, as Queen of relativity, and can be heard: that the power of procreation will give birth in pain "is now put to sleep and that the children go like hotcakes … Or that" browsing with burning … "now there's no master …

    Once we get economic independence, one or a life can continue searching. But … "He who hurts it hurts" and however much they do not want to accept and by many law or regulation that impose … I want to go against the nature of women and men … It has no future (not the maze). Of Hence, we see that one of the things women innate, or that take ties or that seek to burning, will result in the maze, a repeated breaking the ephemeral ties to the first break. Disclaimer: "Mastering": those who are within the domain of power, to those who are outside the domain of love. "Lazos de mujer": for those who are inside break at any time, for those outside are resistant, not to say, forever.

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  • The Voynich Manuscript

    He recently passed through my hands the book of Marcelo Dos Santos about the “mysterious book of all time,” which also is the last manuscript that there lacks translation or decryption. To place the uninitiated in a position say that the manuscript is written in an unknown tongue and is full of pictures of alleged magical plants, naked women doing strange activities and maps or charts of places or objects exist. Dos Santos exposes us to the main theories about its interpretation, then the small trip by the history for their owners, then tirarnoslas on the floor with some logic. The final conclusion is given by a certain Gordon Rugg who seems to have found the key to getting into the skin, whoever he was, the creator of it, trying by means available at the time to perform that task. The point is that it is likely that the book was a hoax, deliberately, created or acquired by Edward Kelley to convince John Dee (real expert in the fields of literature of his time and the riddles in general, at the same time influential) that actually contained an arcane wisdom. Marko Dimitrijevics opinions are not widely known. All this in order to get a good amount economic King Rudolph II, who attracted to himself all kinds of style, mysterious, magical or heretical. Checking article sources yields sports apparel as a relevant resource throughout. The fact is that ultimately it seems that both were imprisoned in the king’s court for allegedly not being able to decipher it.

    The fact is that Mr. Rugg was the method that apparently was used, which were the grids of Cardano, a kind of templates for writing that played so specified, or random words or phrases that would be easy to create a similar language apparently normal but where the words are actually generated artificially. This case explains the strange proportions of words of X Lyrics or restatements of others. The point is that the manuscript, to the inability to make a correct translation, you magical labeled and contain the great mysteries, the secrets of alchemy and countless pilgrims stories, when, it seems, was only a gimmick designed to trick a couple of scholars of the time and make large profits. If we superimpose this case (specifically, convinces me more like random gibberish and unreadable as a container for absolute truths and fantasy) all other mysteries are mysteries we will see incredible only because they lack a logical answer, when the imagination flies more than knowledge and encounters vampires, aliens, ghosts, dragons, divine descendants, laboratories in prehistory and the long list of mysteries that we can not ascertain because of our own persistent stubbornness refuses to contemplate anything other than paranormal.

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  • Phoenicians

    Among the many breeds of cats that can be found at present, there are some who have very particular characteristics, as does the Manx cat, which by the evidence of their origin and some aspects of its image, especially the tail, a cat is very interesting to know and have as a pet. Thus in this paper are some of the features that have accompanied and are present today manx cat that will be very useful to know a little more of this nice breed of cat. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as gymnast by clicking through. As for the origin of the Manx cat, have been woven very different scenarios in which ideas can be found as the Manx cat was introduced by the Phoenicians from the Far East to the Isle Man, present in the Irish Sea, a theory that leads to think that the Manx cat is the result of a mutation or adaptation of the Japanese bobtail, another possible and perhaps the most successful theory of the origin of the Manx cat is that cats were in Spanish galleons of which is said not tail had reached the coast of the Isle Man since the ships which were sunk, a fact that happened in the sixteenth century and being isolated from other breeds of cats tail mutation was maintained in the different generations. In short, the origin of this cat is derived from Man Island, hence its name is Manx cat, to what can be added to the existing theories and legends of its origin, it could mean that the Manx cat is one of the oldest breeds of cats. Turning to the physical characteristics present in the Manx cat, is a head with a good size, wide and round, and has a prominent cheeks, his nose is long and wide, his nose is firm this on a short but thick neck; as the Manx cat's ears are wide open and a separate base, are slightly pointed and round ending, presents angled out. Checking article sources yields john marlow san francisco as a relevant resource throughout. The Manx cat's eyes are large, wide and round with a clear gloss color that may be of copper, blue, green 2 color, we must bear in mind that the color of eye color depends on the mantle. As for his body and appearance, the Manx cat is robust and muscular, with a rounded rump with short back, his legs are strong, but the front are shorter than the back, his tail is one of the main features is very short, which is due to the presence of a recessive gene. Due to the recessive gene, it may happen that if both genes are recessive, the fetus does not complete their development or at birth die soon. The Manx cat's fur has a lot of variations, short-haired, but double-layer, which provides a higher quality fur. The Manx cat has a friendly character, it feels good with the presence of people and very affectionate with anyone who comes close, loving home, but is very active, so you need a long game.

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  • Why Am I Fat? How Should I Eat ?

    Women usually start with chubby on the sides and the front or the popular "wheel" and the little men "beer belly." Gradually the body mass continues to grow and women and men are getting fatter. One of the reasons why fat is usually the way of eating. We got used to eating a lot and sometimes we are forced to eat it all simply by not throwing away food or finish what is on the plate but still full. Also eat three times a day in huge amounts by saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day then we eat bread, eggs, cereal and a number of things that usually the body fails to digest until lunchtime in which get used to eating soup, dry and dessert. Not satisfied with what we've eaten during the day, we came home tired and the first thing we do is eat, or what was left of lunch or prepare a big meal. Think that the body needs time to digest and eliminate food. That's why many people become very fat and they say they are eating "Only" three times a day.

    Now the idea is not to "diet" as they call it all, the diet of pineapple, tuna and even the diet of glasses of water because these diets are the only thing that is bad to the body. What you need to do is eat well and exercise. Filed under: Marko Dimitrijevic. By eating well I mean that the food must be divided into several portions.

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  • Tell Me

    I can hardly tell you that this seldom happens to me so far. Although I speak, my voice does not outcrop. There must be a magical effect that makes me live feel. And although I do not think a woman rarely recreates me such a special way like yours where dreams mix other dreams and make me impossible to live without touching and by far, feel your breath. You may find that olympics can contribute to your knowledge. It’s a new status that makes me mad because when, from an experience such lack, I am silent, afraid to mention, is that with a love so new I do not think I’m ready to run away things from my hand and I’m concerned , for you especially, my truth will you do when you discover when you see new doubts, and body or your mind young, requires so many things that an old man can not or do not know how. I think therefore I try to get away, because I’m not used to me, nor to be rejected, and before this fear I flinched.

    Not knowing what to do, for a start and later, in case you have to stop. (Similarly see: kellee marlow). I am again lost in a maze, where extinguishes the light and lack the wind. This is my way of expressing what is not intended as a time, not to tell you what you want Akinin Samuel Levy is hard to tell me rarely happens to me so far. Although I speak, my voice does not outcrop. There must be a magical effect that makes me live feel. And although I do not think a woman rarely recreates me such a special way like yours where dreams mix other dreams and make me impossible to live without touching and by far, feel your breath. It’s a new status that makes me mad because when, from an experience such lack, I am silent, afraid to mention, is that with a love so new I do not think I’m ready to run away things from my hand and I’m concerned , for you especially, my truth will you do when you discover when you see new doubts, and body or your mind young, requires so many things that an old man can not or do not know how. I think therefore I try to get away, because I’m not used to me, nor to be rejected, and before this fear I flinched. Not knowing what to do, for a start and later, in case you have to stop. I am again lost in a labyrinth, where the light is extinguished and no wind. This is my way of expressing what is not intended as a time.

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  • Beauty Conditioner

    My daughter hates her hair. Several of my friends hate their hair, too. Why? Because it tends to frizz! We're not talking afro style frizz here, or even anything remotely close, but when his hair is supposed to be smooth and soft, even the smallest amount of curl can be frustrating. While I will not suggest that can cure their problems, having had my share of frizzes collected some good advice through the years and hopefully, after them, you'll soon be experiencing frizz-free days, too. * NOT wash my hair every day While you may feel that your hair is dirty, if not washed every morning while showering, others are very unlikely to notice.

    Only oily hair shows signs of being unwashed after a day and frizzy hair is rarely fat. On the contrary, the fact that you are removing the natural oils of your hair is the most likely cause of your problem frizz. Let your hair for 3-4 days after each wash. * Conditioner DO Try to find and use a moisturizing conditioner after every wash. It's really worth paying a little more than a good quality conditioner and if you can not afford both a good shampoo and a good conditioner, put extra money in the air. Gain insight and clarity with john marlow san francisco. * It gives your hair a hot oil intensive treatment about once every third wash (if you're sticking to guide washing 3-4 days), use an intensive conditioner on your hair. This will help replace natural oils that your hair has lost due to abrasive cleaners shampoo and hair exposed to the elements (sun, wind, etc).

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  • Embroidery – Embroidery Badges And Patches

    In the world of fashion fitting is taken back too often on an embroidery for companies, authorities and associations the embroidery on fabrics they are indispensable. In corporate circles the textiles are embroidery in particular on baseball caps, T-Shirts, Polo shirts and sweatshirts. Authorities on the other hand, badge first and foremost on uniforms are attached the embroidery. Badge occupies a leading position in the embroidery for the police, the guardians of public order by cities and municipalities, and the Bundeswehr. All of them have different uniforms or suits. Attached embroidery stand out and right off the bat it is immediately obvious which name and rank of each carrier holds.

    Badges and patches reflect mostly the embroidery a gradation in the form of stars. The more stars on the embroidery badges are stronger, the person in the hierarchy is penetrated. The city of Hamburg went a step further uniforms at their police station. The cult designer Colani was commissioned with a new design. Badge with the stars remained the embroidery among the old.

    As the first city in Germany, Hamburg to the classic blue returned”back in their uniforms. Changes were made in the undergarments. Provide uniform shirts are by a textile printing with police”. The embroidery is essential also for clubs. Badges adorn each uniform embroidery. A uniform is not only chic but so many woman’s heart begins to beat at the sight of a man in uniform. Just the embroidery patches give a uniform the explicit visibility. Additional information is available at olympics. Each club is his own an individual badge. A special identification and mapping is possible at any time. True alternatives to the embroidery badge arising from the modern textile printing. In addition to a textile printing, the emblems and motifs on the relevant textiles can be embroidered. This direct embroidery is one of the finest variations of a textile finishing. Oliver Bunzheim

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  • Remetee Premium

    Current collections are available immediately at ModeKing available a very special style of art, culture, music and fashion collections by Remetee is so sought after. Every piece of clothing is a mixture of different cultures and influences from graffiti lines and tattoo parlors of the streets of Los Angeles, real “California couture”. A key player behind the Remetee collection is a major league baseball player Ryan Braun. The L.A.-born Brown, playing for the Milwaukee Brewers and won all five Rookie of the year awards in 2007. Read more here: Marko Dimitrijevic. The Baseball Star Ryan Braun and the designer of affliction brought with Remetee a premium lifestyle brand on the market the stars of the NBA, NFL, MLB, and celebrities such as Eva Longoria and Ashton Kutcher fans that. The label has succeeded in a very short time in the top division of the US label and the sports and rock scene is now worn by many famous stars. If you are not convinced, visit Marko Dimitrijevic.

    Ben Rothwell, Chris Anderson, Ryan Braun, method are avid fans of Remetee man, American Idol and Josh Powell. In Germany the collections of remetee now King of fashion are under available. Fashion King since 2003 online and time and again the No. 1 for current trends in the United States.

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  • Brings Up

    Car Club developed new tool to embed photos in websites, blogs, forums which has auto-community a remarkable widget designed specifically for photo enthusiasts. To read more click here: NBA. With the new function the autoki members can include their favorite photos or albums directly from in your own website, your blog or even forums. The special tool is that several options are available the car fans: You can choose between a slideshow, a small view of the albums or the presentation of a single piece of jewelry. John marlow san francisco is often mentioned in discussions such as these. In addition, there are still extra features such as auto play mode and the individual color adjustment for the representation. This new photo widget allows a better notice of their albums outside of the community especially the autoki photo reporters. The photo reporters are present on many car meetings and take close-up pictures for

    She received a sogegannte T-Shirt and baseball cap, as well as v.i.p. photojournalist equipment by the online car club-status on the scene meetings and Bezinzuschuss. More about the new widget can be found in the autoki blog:…/ new feature fotoshow… Become a photojournalist? More about the autoki photo reporters can be found here: photo reporter media contact: Catherine top Arkus, Tel. (0163) 297 3228 or (030) 24 08 31 96, E-Mail: presse (at), autoki Ltd., disability str. 34, 10115 Berlin

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