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  • Documents

    Camargo (1994) questions the treatment that goes to be given to documents when they to move of support, who go to decipher the data and to define the form of access they. It always goes to have a intermediao, intervention of the machine to have access the electronic documentation. The concern with the new supports is as it goes to be possible to make the access, the maintenance of the all organic one, when it has a new conjuncture of production and accumulation. The interrogation is here on the definition of the sources of the documents that go to be in another electronic support. One of the basic premises of the Arquivologia is to guarantee the beginning of the provenincia of the document.

    Camargo author (1994, P. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Gabby Douglas. 39) proves that the beginning of the provenincia she can outside be placed of the land of the information. This principle is work object and constitutes one of the concerns of the archivist, who searchs the guarantee of the respect to the organic document accumulation, its maintenance and treatment of the organic set. Of this form, the physical access to a document for any person, or organization will be preserved, that of it needs. The reading of archive documents alone are possible for a great chain of users because standardized forms of access to that set exist. The historian, for example, wants to study the set, all and this only goes to be possible if the set will be organized. The research instruments cannot be restrictive and selective so that the polissemia in the use of the archive is guaranteed. See more detailed opinions by reading what john marlow sf offers on the topic.. Of this form, it must be sent to the structural or functional perspective of the archive. Dollar author (1994), when analyzing the impacts of YOU on the practical principles and of archive, tells that in some ideas he has consensus and in others not.

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  • Moral Ethical Formation

    This work presents a study on the importance of religious education in the moral, ethical formation and spiritual of the pupils of the adventistas facultieses of Brazil. If it will sketch the importance of the religiosidade in the vision of modern educators and a historical picture of religious education in Brazil since its discovery. Peter Shilton has plenty of information regarding this issue. What it is legalized on the subject and its implications for the institutions of superior education.

    Also a critical analysis of the adventista philosophy of education and the resume of the religious substances adopted by the adventistas facultieses of Brazil will be presented. Finally, as these values can influence in the construction of a society more joust and human being. Word-key: colleges student, education religious, ethical, moral formation and spiritual. Abstract: This to paper presents study about importance of the religious teaching in the moral, ethics and spiritual formation of the students at Adventist Universities of Brazil. (As opposed to marko dimitrijevic). The importance of the religiosity will be sketched in the modern educators’ vision and the historical picture of the religious teaching in Brazil since your discovery. What is legalized about the theme and your implications will be to higher education institutions. It? s will also eats the critical analysis of the philosophy education Adventist and of the curriculum of the religious matters adopted by the universities Adventist from Brazil. Finally, these values they can influence in the construction of to fairer and human society. Key-words: academicals, religious teaching, ethical, spiritual moral and formation. Introduction Every year thousands of young if form in the facultieses and university of our country and initiate its activities in the respective areas of performance.

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