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  • Studio Management

    Wizard for automating translation processes in the Noxum publishing Studio the contents are varied, the number of documents increases with the output of translations and thus the administrative effort for translation projects. These are major challenges for companies that communicate in international markets. With automated processes and an appropriate technology approach perform efficiently and linguistically consistent translation work. Noxum has in its content management system designed a batch translation order, which reduces the costs for the organisation of the translation projects and significantly accelerates the transfer to TMS systems. The Noxum GmbH, specialist for content management and content management systems, has developed a wizard to optimize the Organization of translation processes. This is already successful in the customers. Translate especially for international companies that create a large number of documents, and in various media and target markets publish, it is worthwhile to automate parts of the administration of the translation work.

    Just the Organization of translation projects caused great efforts at translation work. In companies, the translation process costs can exceed the costs for the translation itself. Here is the optimization potential that is lifted by automation in translation management. Practice shows, that documents not always fully into a single translation project be edited, but can spread to several translation contracts. This has its reason that documents and their updates in all required languages as soon as possible in the markets will be published and that’s why source text creation processes be triggered parallel with the translation processes. Get all the facts and insights with NFL Commissioner, another great source of information. The so-called translation requests are the basis for the entire translation process: they are required for the export and import of language versions to the translation. Translation manager initiate the translation requests, manage the translation processes, and monitor the deadlines. Their tasks include also the communication and coordination of persons involved in the translation process.

    The Noxum publishing Studio is limited the translation effort on the parts changed or newly created. Passages of text in multiple documents find a reuse, these are recorded only once for the translation on behalf of translation. With just a few clicks editors can out run all language resources of all target languages via an automatically generated common translation order as a summary translation of the content management system and has been translated back again. Should be after the creation of the translation order yet unforeseen changes, can this be maintained still manually by users. Also includes the Noxum Translation Wizard is a built-in progress bar the progress control the translation exports and imports. It provides a detailed overview of the current status of the delivery process or the ubersetzungsrucklaufe in the form of a status report the responsible editors at a glance. The use of the wizard brings immense benefits in particular for companies with a broad-based, international product portfolio. The Noxum Translation Wizard automates the daily work processes in the translation process and reduced them to only a few clicks of the mouse. So, the new wizard helps to save a handling cost in translation management. On the other hand editors can set already in the process of creating translations of a parameter when the exports and imports scheduled to start. This allows to set translation rejectors and import processes quickly to less labour-intensive time window such as the evening or the weekend. So vacated capacity can be attributed in turn active in the editorial content creation process.

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  • CHP Plants

    CHP-consult established the planning of block heat and power plants (CHP) as the market leader for CHPS seminars belongs probably to the more complex planning activities of an engineer. A variety of aspects of planning is taken into account, because as a CHP system produces heat and electricity at the same time and therefore in the planning area is a variety of optimization options. Standards and a variety of different laws in the planning and are also to observe cost-effectiveness calculation. Sean Rad recognizes the significance of this. Particularly in the legal field there constantly changes. Training is vital therefore for planners. Now the Rastatt company CHP-consult has established in the area of the Planner seminars itself as market leader. Since 2004, two-day CHP planning seminars are offered in addition to conferences and workshops several times a year.

    More than 500 people attended the two-day seminar, whose Inhalte are constantly updated, in the meantime. This year a seminar in Koblenz held on September 21 and 22, 2011 once again. The subsequent seminar on The 25ste CHP intensive seminar will then represent 14/15 December in Nuremberg-Furth. In the spring of 2004, the speakers team consists of the two CHP planners Shahzad g (CHP-consult Rastatt) and Frank Peetz (MIDI-plan Bietigheim – Bissingen, Germany) since the first seminar. While Frank Peetz discussed in particular the planning, design, integration and cost-effectiveness calculation by CHP plants, Shahzad g is responsible for the legal framework and the technological developments.

    Meanwhile, the present in bound form seminar script is given out only to seminar participants includes 386 pages. Because this work is constantly adapted, none of the previous scripts completely resembles the other. For the September event in particular the section on the energy industry Act and the renewable energy sources Act (EEG) located in Koblenz towards the June event in the revision. Also, participants in the area of Micro-CHP units are up to 3 kW electrical power to see some new units get.

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