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  • Caleruega Education

    I believe that this one would be also another long and interesting debate. Returning to which debate that occupies to us, which stops the old workers – who would connect perfectly in the theory of Weber- was normal, as it is a decent pay, security in the work, rights, has become for the young people something exceptional. They, who accede for the first time to the work market, not only see their situation like " natural" , them but also that conmina to confront it of an individual way: only their effort and its preparation will make possible the obtaining to them of benefits in a world competitive, changing and flexible. In order to be successful in the new economy, the workers must be better formed more and specialized, but at the same time they must be more adaptable, more flexible and to be trained according to the new world-wide standards. This generation has grown in I disillusion and decides on a passive acceptance of the rules of the game, being placed besides all social, political or economic commitment, without identifying itself with the community to which they belong. Before this so dark panorama that I can have presented/displayed in this document, many possibilities of laying of foundations of identity between the individuals do not exist but it is by means of the creation of an education training of habits and abierta to deeply human values that the critical and creative thought causes to confront a changing future. At the same time, one would be due to break with the one-dimensional man and to educate for the free time and the leisure, with an ample cultural formation that allows to find other possibilities of accomplishment.

    Perhaps a multipurpose education that it forms in universal human and cultural competitions and that the capacity develops to learn humanly, to adapt and to live. One is due to restrain the increasing egoism that characterize to the individuals of our society motivated by social-labor conditions of competition, materialism and consumption that takes to this one to the individualism, against a labor system that it tries that it prevails, more and more, the work in equipment. This it would be a new length debates. How is explained this requirement in the present social surroundings? An education can be imagined that civilizes and not an education that specializes. Here they appear some of the germs of a change of radical perspective, of new concepts of man, human activity, time and society. If the flexibility of the work of positive form is used, passage could be given the recovery of the free time (leisure), recovery of the social man, who interrelates with theirs and has a project of social and human life. Vertices Psychologists Capital Cabinet of Madrid: C Caleruega, 88 Cabinet of the Clearing of Madrid: Avenue Lazarejo 106 Telephones: 91 631 44 93 690 75 85 35 email: All rights reserved original Author and source of the article.

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  • University Education

    HYPOTHESES the defection in courses EAD of the UNIT can diminish with the development of a proposal pedagogical with methodologies contextualizadas in New Technologies of the Information and the Communication in accordance with the problematic one lived deeply by the pupils. 0 VARIABLE OF THE RESEARCH: Independent: The proposal pedagogical used by the Tiradentes University for education with the use of the technologies makes it difficult the learning of the long-distance pupils, taking to turn into a desert them it of the courses in EAD. Dependents: In the distance to reduce the defection of the pupils in the courses of education of the UNIT. 2 MOTIVATION AND STATE OF the ART (presentation of pertinent the theoretical referencial to the considered object of inquiry) Currently, are not a great problem to obtain to be university, had to the great investments of public politics that each time more if worry in including the people who independent of the reason felt difficulty. Contact information is here: Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. In Brazil the Law of Lines of direction and Bases leaves well clear this inclusion in Art. 44 that it says: The superior education will enclose the following courses and programs: I – sequential courses for field to know of different levels of abrangncia, opened candidates who take care of to the requirements established for the education institutions; II – of graduation, opened the candidates who have concluded average education or equivalent and have been classified in selective process; Thus, for inclusion in a University, Brazil has if worried very about a methodology that is igualitria so that all the pupils who conclude Average Ensino can enter without empecilho in the universities. The system of quotas is one of the methods that have facilitated of igualitria form to the ingression of young in the independent public universities of color, race, religion and among others. The Project of Law n 3,627 of 2004 ' ' It institutes Special System of Vacant Reserve for students Egresses of public schools, in special blacks and aboriginals, the federal public institutions of superior education and of the others providncias.' ' Although, the system of quotas either a emergencial measure to divide the amount of vacant between pupils of public and particular school, gives credit that it is not solution so that let us have an education in Brazil with quality.

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  • Argeles Poetry

    He also published stories and tales in the advancement of Oviedo and Luz de Madrid journal. He fought in the war provoked by the military rebellion of general Franco in defense of the Republic and freedom. After the war he was interned in French concentration camps of Argeles-sur-Mer and Le Barcares, and worked in the companies of foreign workers. He participated in the French resistance and joined the Fifth Brigade of the Aude, which became Sergeant. He published poems in attack of Perpignan, now of Touluse and L Espagne republicaine, a magazine which appeared in Touluse in 1945 and that, from October 1948, became L Espagne, happening to be published in Paris. He also published prose in Don Quijote de Rodez. It was director of la Maison d Enfants Espagnoles Sain Goin and Professor at the Maison d Enfants-Israeelites in Cessieu. He then moved to Mexico, where he published most of her poetry and taught at Mexico commercial and banking school.

    He translated the Spanish Paul eluard, Louis Aragon, Bertolt Brecht, Francis Jammes and others, and the French the poetry of Nicolas Guillen. He collaborated in the Yearbook of letters of the University national autonomous of Mexico (UNAM), in the supplements of Excelsior, El Nacional, El dia, among other publications. He received the art Medal of the 1959 Mexican Revolution for his screenplay of the film people in arms granted by the unification of Veterans of the revolution. After long exile in France and Mexico, he took up his residence in the USSR, where he worked as copyeditor of Soviet Novosti News Agency, which had previously worked in Mexico from 1969. The Supreme Soviet awarded him in 1885 with the order of the friendship of peoples. In the early years of his exile in Mexico, Amieva wrote poetry that he published much later. Belong to this time some books very testimonial character, to Celso Amieva already published in the Decade of the sixties, verses of the Maquis and sand pillow.

    Both published in Mexico in 1960. In 1955, also in Mexico, Amieva (prologue by Alfonso Llanes poems he published Camin), evocative book of traditions, people and landscapes of the Asturias; in 1957, the cure of Tresviso, tell versified manners cutting; later – 1966 – pick up from burned paradise. Spain (1936-1939) poems written during the Spanish war. In addition, published in 1976 biography the victors of Negrin and, in 1977, the Asturian book in exile (France). Remember the final verses of his poem on the death of Lazaro Cardenas, in which pays well-deserved tribute to the President of Mexico, the father of the Spaniards without homeland and rights – in expression of alvaro de Albornoz-, persecuted by tyranny and disinherited by hatred: Tata Hispanoamerica, / great paladin of agrarian reform, / precursor of pure independence / by which the Mainland claims, / you alumbras already desired tomorrow. / Viva Lazaro Cardenas! Francisco Arias Solis is loves freedom as he loves and needs air, bread and love. 13Th Festival Poetry for peace and freedom in homage to Benedetti.

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  • Francisco Arias Solis

    It is true that reading books is often simply a refuge, and some are enclosed to read in the moments that best would be to give the face. Although in the not very distant past images had not been completely replaced by the printed lines, linear character, serial, reasoned, of communication, especially in the form of the book, Apex and Summit of the printed letter is strongly accentuated. Not everyone was reading books, but almost everyone looked at them with some awe; an educated man was a widely read man. Steve Guttenberg is full of insight into the issues. Yesteryear book, supposed wisdom or revelation, deposit had revered but then respected books, plural, how many more better. Everything seemed to happen to end up in a book.

    It was sadness having read all the books, but when it emerged the reality was still being compared with a book: the book of nature, the book of life the grains of truth are nothing more than grains. It is not true that the books have gone down in history, and is less true even verbal language has been superseded for the benefit of others non-verbal. There were never so many books now in every sense: never had published many, many sold, read so many. Many people, incidentally, do not read books, but there were so many that they read them long ago? Not only absolute but also relatively, book readers, including young people, today are more abundant than ever. Like other dead professional pessimists murder without ceasing, fenecidos declared books are in good health. And as the poet said: I’m looking for a book / to show me my way, / because people have told me / that I’m really lost. Francisco Arias Solis the first condition for peace is the desire to achieve it. For peace and freedom and Forum free Internet portal. URL:. internautasporlapaz. org

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