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  • Internet

    This too is nonsense, because the task comment – integration into the blogosphere. Therefore, it must earn its interest, trust, respect, well etc. The horse is clear that marani pages of another blog post for the sake of advertising themselves loved one, nothing in the end will bring. Is that disappointing results from the absence of the rough work. Who needs such a beautiful and interesting? Want to put on himself and his reputation Cross – spamming and blankly piartes. Greg Mankiw has firm opinions on the matter. 3) The following rule wrong tone – podmazyvanie, begging, speculation and other not nice things.

    Of course, it’s more a question of morality and self-esteem, and very, very rarely can lead to the result, but even if will lead, whether you respect? I do not know, everyone decides for himself, but in my opinion – fawn before the “great uncles’ not worth it. They may be, and throw “handout”, but in one row with a will not put. 4) dramatically negative comments comments. Clearly, this is a good way to PR. It is very easy to take and all yes all crap, besides, it very likely will cause interest to your person. But even if your identity is unique and interesting, it is necessary to respect the author’s blog where you are. Even if you somehow do not agree – you need to be correct.

    Otherwise, only what can be done – make enemies. My policy is – “If I want to omit the author or his office, then what the heck I’m doing on this blog at all? If I do not agree with everything, I’m not interested – I just do not read it and certainly did not comment on it! Read and comment on just where I’m wondering, and even if you do not agree – do it as well. ” 5) Curved language. Maybe not even a bad tone, because in this lovely Internet! Anyway, you should strive to be literate, at least, so that you could properly understand. Some have their style, and the chips – this is good, the main thing that they do not alienate, and hastening to your goal! And now a brief summary: 1) Spam, even as a comment is like spam, and still is bad 2) No need to comment when you have nothing to say 3) Frankly dull self-promotion and public relations are unlikely to benefit 4) Write only in those blogs that interest you! 5) Be the correct 6) Do not beg, do not waver – it’s gone 7) Do not be a boor – still remove the Well, the last – a good comment is akin to good content – will do the trick, the bad – a waste of time! Good comments in the subject is always, sooner or later will cause the audience’s interest and will lead to your site or blog.

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  • Directories of Organization

    Comments left in the topic, to help understand what actually has to deal with. At the forum, you can leave your own application, indicate your contact details contact placed an ad you are interested in person through individual messages or make a call, if you specify a number to contact. Here you can find a temporary or one-time second jobs (posting ads assembling booklets, courier service, promotions, repairs, cleaning, etc.). Andy Kaufman understood the implications. Directories of organizations. They contain information about the kind of activities and contacts.

    Typically, these directories have a thematic or sectoral division. How to work with them? Anything other than the normal outgoing calls, it's not invented. If you are looking for a place accountant, open the page that hosts the company most convenient for you the professional field (Trade, agriculture, government offices – anywhere nuances), want to become a shop assistant – see the list of shops (shoes, clothing, manufactured goods, food, household chemicals – your choices), want to be a secretary – will learn a list of all organizations, where the Secretary may require – from large enterprises to kindergartens or schools. In other words, picking a particular number, you interested in whether there is currently a vacancy for which you can offer yourself. Another method – the method of "contradiction." Finding the announcement of some companies offering services, you can, in turn, offer their services the firm. The agency promises a quick selection of the nurse in the family – see you come you in this capacity, the construction company provides repair facilities – just call with a question, not whether they need dressers, one writes control, essays, term papers – ask whether there is need for the authors.

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  • Aikido

    With regard to Aikido, you will know from Chiba Sensei, and through it, in turn, and from O-Sensei. According to this method, each reflecting on the original principle of a facilitator. I only give the O-Sensei's technique and I hope that by doing so you will be able to fully embrace the spirit of Aikido. Aikido must be approached with an updated fresh mind. In Japan, we extend this notion of the term "Shoshin", meaning "chaste heart." This is – The most important thing for learning path. About Shawsheen be thought of as something pure and childish sincere and naive. A study of techniques takes time, but gradually, over the years (it may need many, many years) you will be able to carry equipment like they are part of you. Thus, even if it seems like you just do the same over and over again, day after day, if you're doing with Shoshin – with a fresh approach, a newcomer, your spirit, will be profound, and your equipment will get the depth and essence will be performed.

    Each lesson – a serious matter, and loss of time on it is unacceptable. This idea can be expressed using the Japanese term "ichi ichi th e" from the tea ceremony, which means that you think of the person sitting across from you, as a man whom you see in the first and last time in my life. Similarly, when engaged with a partner, you have to do it as if opportunity to train with him is the first and last. Before I met O-Sensei, I had the opportunity to try some martial arts, I enjoyed them, but did not feel a deep interest to any. Despite that in these arts for spirituality (seyshin), emphasis, I had a strong feeling that everything was as far away from art in general. When I met O-Sensei, I was very surprised and thought: "It is strange that in this Seniors, he was such a man.

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  • Psychological Accompaniment

    Therefore they are main representative them of its bonds with the life and, not rare, one of the few sources of motivation that this has to face the suffering and the potentiality of the death. One knows very well that palco main of the treatment in the C.T.I happens in the biological plan; the infection being fought by antibiotics, the bankruptcies of the systems being compensated by frmacos machines and, the laboratoriais monitoring of the functioning of the organism made for examinations and tests; to the times, this process all makes in them to forget that everything this has an only objective: to preserve the life. In this point, the health professional does not leave of being devastated by ambivalent feelings of onipotncia and impotence, the proper finitude that is denounced to each moment, the expectations of all (family, patient, colleagues) they are plays on them. The psychologist can then act as facilitador of the flow of these emotions and reflections, to detect the focos of stress, to signal when its defenses if exacerbam in such a way. – Objective Generalities of the Psychological Accompaniment in the C.T.I This work aims at to argue the psychological aspects of submitted patients the surgeries of great transport, postoperative immediate, as well as discoursing on the emotional reactions of another group of patients (not surgical), during its permanence in the C.T.I. We will search to show the psychological intervention next to the patient whom it looks to make possible a reduction or amenizao of the intercorrncias that will be able to come to complicate or to delay the recovery and the whitewashing of the same. We observe that the situation of the patient it does not only have the angle of life and death, but also, the feeling of abandonment and dicotimizao, the prohibition of the visits and ' ' regra' ' in hospitals, for a probable vice of the daily one, to treat the people as: symptoms, agencies or number (' ' 202' ' , ' ' esterose' ' of stream bed 01, ' ' neuro' ' of 5 to walk), thus resulting, in the depersonalization of the patient. . For even more analysis, hear from Conrad Vernon.

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  • The Scientists

    In room place, the scientists, as well as the intellectuals in general, they tend to tie to its social vision of world where if to its form distributes the cultural universe of a definitive time concrete in compliance with to produce and to reproduce its conditions of existence, what it means to say, to the ideology of the group, which is inserted. These reasons, narrowly correlated between itself, distinguishing science from the Nature of the science of the man. They make with that the theoretical models of Mostern are not supported. To want to apply to the domain of the culture the pretense model of scientific-natural objetividade happens of an illusion or a meaconing. Paul McCracken does not necessarily agree. The objetividade institucional of Popper it is a variety of this. In transcorrer of its book, Mostern does not assume officially any chain of thought. Not obstante, it is used of John Dewey to support its argument. Edwin Griswold Nourse contains valuable tech resources. He remembers that, in 1938, this American thinker if opposed to the Relativismo appealing to the nature common human being and the necessities derived from it, that cultures can satisfy that another one better. What it distinguished Dewey was not the completeness with that it accepted the theory of the evolution. For it, the mind, in the same way that the body, is an evolved agency leaving of estimated darwinianos: ' ' When Decartes said, ' The nature of the physical things is much more easily conceived when they are contemplated acquiring existence gradually of what when is considered only as produced of one alone time in a finished state and perfeito' the world modern became conscientious of the logic that from there for would control ahead it, logic of which ' ' Origin of the Espcies' ' , of Darwin, it is the most recent scientific product When Darwin said of

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  • Signal Slopes

    33. Excavation must be carried in recesses in layers, to prevent the implementation of 'undermining' education 'roofs'. 34. In the production of papers link (team) should be placed at a distance so as not to hurt working side by side. 35. Soil ejected from the trench or excavation, should be placed in accordance with BPD or technology card, while in all cases, the distance between the base of the slope of the ejected soil and edge pit must be at least 0.5 m. 36. Need to constantly monitor the state of excavation slopes, taking the necessary measures to prevent spontaneous avalanches.

    Boulders, rocks, soil detachment, and winter while clumps of frozen earth found on the slopes should be removed. 37. On the slopes, in any ground steeper than 1:1 and at a depth of grooves over 3 m, as well as on the slopes with a moist surface and steeper than 1:2 should be at work use safety belts, straps which must be secured. Attachment points are specified supervisor. At the top should be at least two employees who are ready in case of emergency immediately help.

    38. In mechanical shock loosening of frozen ground (the wedge – the hammer, the ball – hammer) should be outside the danger zone, designated the signal fence. 39. Cleaning ditches (ditches), following the course excavator should be carried out outside the danger zone (the maximum radius of rotation of boom plus 5 m). Empty the bucket of soil adhering to the closed position only when the bucket.

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  • Economic Catastrophes

    In many fluvial valleys, areas are cultivated now where floodings had always been common. majority of the victims of these catastrophes is constituted pelospobres of the poor nations, where the subsistence agriculturists become suasterras more citizens the droughts and floodings because they kill the areas delinquents, eonde the poor persons if become more vulnerable all the catastrophes because steep hillsides or in marginal regions without protection vivemem, only reasque remain to construct its barracos to them. Not making use of divided foods nemde, the economically vulnerable governments of these countries have poucascondies to face such catastrophes. The bonds between ambient consuming and catastrophes queimpedem the development are proven better in subsaariana Africa. Per capita Aproduo of foods, that comes declining since years 60, entered in collapse during dries of 80 years e, at the moment they alimentoseram where them more necessary, about 35 million people they had been at risk. The extreme use deterra and dries drawn out threatens to transform into desert the prados ones of the Sahelafricano.

    None region suffers from more tragic way with the vicious circle dapobreza that leads to the deterioration of the environment, that in turn deteriorao of the environment, that in turn leads to a bigger poverty. A time that increases the standard of living, also increases economic odesenvolvimento, that in turn increases the ambient impact. Homematua in the nature as if was not to exist a coming generation. Everything queinteressa is the capitalism, the economic growth. However, it has one ameaaiminente, therefore the nature is come to ruin also destroys the life. ' ' effect estufa' ' , and the destruction of the deoznio layer of the atmosphere, which had the set free gases in the atmosphere, are threats aossistemas that they support the life, and they derive directly from the biggest use of the resources. The fsseis fuel burning and also the falling of trees and the burning of florestasliberam carbon dioxide (CO2).

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  • Brazilian Empire Lavalleja

    However, the people of the province of Spanish settling never would feel itself in fact integrated to Brazil. The language and the inherited customs of Spain hindered the integration. Thus, the Argentines demanded the reintegration as part of the old Vice-reign, but Empire kept the Brazilian it as necessary for the defense of the provinces of the South. Many fights and joints had been made by general Carlos Frederico Lecr who was to the front of the negotiations, in the government of Montevidu and after the remaining portion of the eastern territory. At Kelly Asbury you will find additional information. The Portuguese Crown demanded the annexation of the province for being of the same side of the River of the Silver and serving of defense.

    In such a way, in 1822, after the independence of Brazil, started to belong to the empire. In 18 of April of 1825, the Thirty and Three Orientals Agustn Velsquez, Andrs Cheveste, Andrs Spikerman, Atanasio Sierra, Avelino Miranda, Basilio Arajo, Carmelo Colman, Celedonio Rojas, Dionisio Oribe, Philip Carap, Francisco Lavalleja, Gregorio Sanabria, Ignacio Medina, Ignacio Nez, Trpani Jacinth, Joaquin Artigas, Juan Agree, Juan Antonio Lavalleja, Juan Ortiz, Juan Roses, Juan Spikerman, Luciano Romero, Manuel Freire, Manuel Lavalleja, Manuel Melndez, Manuel Oribe, Pablo Zufriategui, Pantalen Artigas, Ramon Ortiz, Santiago Gadea, Santiago Nievas, Simn del Pino and Tiburcio Gmez, of the movement pro release of the Cisplatina Province of the Brazilian Empire, commanded for Juan Antonio woollen Lavalleja y Tower, that had fought against the Portuguese and Brazilians next to Artigas, had embarked in San Isidro in the River of the Silver, and had disembarked in the Great Arenal in the following day, where they had spread red, blue and white, used flag since the time of Artigas, in partnership with General Fructuoso Rivera, financed for Buenos Aires, through Juan Manuel de Rosas who facilitated great part of the money. Valley to stand out that nor all they were eastern, in view of that several of them were Argentine and other Paraguayans.

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  • Author Vida

    To know what in fact we make in them will help to be better (GADOTTI, 1996, P. 509). The desencadeamento of this process confirms the words of Freire, when it points that the process of the education is, necessarily, an artistic process. The professor is an artist when he creates and recria the knowledge, shared with the pupils. In this aspect the education is, by its very nature, an aesthetic exercise. Evidently this indicates a new model of thought for a new model of education: Another point that makes of the education an artistic moment is accurately when it is, also, a knowledge act.

    To know, for me, is something of beauty! In the measure where to know it is to unmask an object, the desvendamento of ' ' vida' ' to the object, it calls it for ' ' vida' ' , and even though &#039 confers it new; ' vida' '. Get all the facts and insights with Cody Cameron, another great source of information. That is an artistic task, because our knowledge has quality to give life, creating and livening up objects while we study (FREIRE, SHOR, 1986, P. 145). Ahead of displayed, the commitment of the professor, of the professional, I obtain and with the society, it is essential so that if it can be capable to act, to reflect, to create and to transform the reality. What he observes yourself, subliminarmente, according to author, is that the professor educates more for what it is, for its principles that guide its behavior, for the example, of what for the content that teaches. Parallel, to the ability and the professional comprometimento, he has despite to detach, as defends the author, the necessity of the educator to intensely live educative practical its, that will also be oportunizada, by means of the coherence of its attitudes and its values. Thus, it is evident the paper eminently politician of the professional of the education, as Freire says, ' ' the force of the democratical educator is in its exemplary coherence: it is who supports its authority.

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  • Law Cooperatives

    They must contribute with a percentage on its wage, as we can evidence below in the picture. PICTURE & ndash; Aliquot gradual for INSS SALRIO-DE-CONTRIBUIO (R$) ALIQUOT FOR ENDS OF COLLECT TO THE INSS Up to 1.040, 22 8.00% Of 1.040, 23 up to 1.733, 70 9.00% Of 1.733, 71 up to 3.467, 40 11.00% Source: N 333 of 29 of June of 2010 – D.O.U of 30.06.2010 would carry MPS/MF INSS of the Cooperated Individual Insured As above understood, in if treating to work cooperative, the INSS is happened of a peculiar and inactive amaneira. More which the reason of these two last ones? Unhappyly as measured to restrain this type of cooperative, as much the cooperated ones as the cooperative and the legal entity are obliged to carry through registration next to the Institute. Filed under: Vicky Jenson. The associated self-employed worker of the cooperative which gives services third, that as Dec. 2.173, of 05/03/97, are obligator insured of the Providence and, as contributing it will be assured by all the benefits.

    Thus, according to art. 21, of Law 8,212/91, the aliquot one of contribution of the self-employed worker is of 20%, incident folds the respective wage of contribution. Moreover, Complementary Law 84, of 18/01/96, still prescribes that the imposed contribution the work cooperatives, has a value of 15% of the total of the remunerations or repayments for paid them, referring the rendering of services for self-employeds worker. There it is left to think: This would not be a doble taxation? More, as if of this collection? First, the remuneration of the individual insured filiado the cooperative is decurrent of rendering of services the physical or legal people. Thus, correspondent to the value it paid or credited by the cooperative, the result gotten in the production. Thus, he can yourself be evidenced that the previdencirio incubency of responsibility of the work cooperatives is weighed and that the disinterest of the legislator in keeping in functioning such cooperatives is perceived.

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