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  • Performance Limits Innovation

    Organizer introduces new line of extreme race 24 km nature trail and more than 40 obstacles on March 10, 2012 one held the toughest extreme runs Germany, the inov-8 Rheinruhrfreizeit 2012 in the Unterfranken Munnerstadt. More than 2,500 men and women, most of them in teams organized, have signed up, to go on the new 24-kilometer route to their performance limits. The Organizer PAS TEAM Ltd. for extended the course to 24 kilometers and designed even more demanding than in the previous year. Now, he presents the final route map and more than 40 obstacles. A bit crazy you must be comfortable, to hold off on the challenge of Rheinruhrfreizeit, the hell of Munnerstadt”, admit. Especially the new route around the Michelsberg very rough trail sections with steep inclines, but also the well-known crossings ice-cold waters make the extreme course endurance test.

    A variety in addition obstacles artificial climbing, Crawling, hanging, jumping and balancing. Overall the potential bravehearts must”on over 40 stations to prove that they have staying power, determination, sense of adventure and risk-taking. This exhausting sections with many obstacles alternate close one after another makes sense longer running routes, running the bravehearts can properly make pace, find her running rhythm and relax a bit can. However, only 20 percent of the track is paved, the majority of leads about forestry and farm roads and unpaved trail. The time-out period is five hours. That this fun not neglected, some fun obstacles, many spectators, who cheer the bravehearts, and the runners themselves with team spirit, motivation, crazy and colorful panels and much good humor ensure. The route map is here for download available: images/stories/Hindernisse/streckenplan_2012.pdf the obstacles at a glance 1 Braveheart-arena in the sport center of Munnerstadt: start and finish area with several small hurdle obstacles 2 the Ranger fog: thick fog hampered the runners in this fun obstacle the orientation 3 killing Hill: A very steep slope down into the Valley of Lauer.

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  • Marketing Basics For Beginners

    Crash-course marketing basics: New marketing beginners seminar with the marketing basics crash course is breaking new ground Dashofer 2011. The seminar aims to provide the most important fundamentals of marketing also marketing beginners in highly compressed form. The crash course is a tight and one-day intensive seminar. A purposeful, systematic approach to analysis, marketing planning and implementation of measures can help to a large extent, to ensure the sustainable economic success of the company. The highly compact crash course “marketing basics: in-depth marketing knowledge in just one day” gives the participants an overview of all relevant marketing concepts. Crash course crash course you will learn methods of marketing how modern marketing methods and instruments are correctly applied.

    You will learn how to use to market and customer orientation in the company and how you can improve the success of the company through targeted marketing. Learn all the theoretical bases of the experienced speakers. You have options for the exchange of experience and for common editing tasks. Due to the content density, not each individual case can be discussed and edited. Dashofer offers this Alternatively the two-day seminar marketing base knowledge.

    The crash course participants and target groups of the “Marketing basics” crash course is aimed at professionals in the marketing, new career changers as well as sales and sales employees who want to get in-depth marketing knowledge in extremely tight and compact form. The crash course is interesting for specialists or managers of other divisions, that want to learn marketing skills, update, or deepen. Dashofer sets the marketing crash course particularly small and young entrepreneurs at heart, who want to put off their products and services in the future successfully on the market.

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  • Smoking Promotes Oxidative Stress And Inflammation

    Active cell protection could mitigate the negative effects for all smokers who can’t make it to smoking to get there hope to mitigate at least part of the negative health consequences of smoking. Studies show that smokers are certain antioxidants in the imbalance and this can trigger damaging inflammation in lung cells. A combination of specific antioxidants may be useful for the health of smokers. Caster Semenya may help you with your research. The negative consequences of smoking are discussed getting back violently. Preventive measures, aimed at preventing that especially young people succumb to the advertising strategies of the tobacco industry are in the Center. We want to add no further contribution to this discussion.

    Rather, we would draw attention to the question of whether there is also a way for smokers to mitigate the negative consequences of their addiction. It is of course for the smokers always best with the truck to stop. This is however very difficult and unfortunately only few succeed right away. It is therefore legitimate to mitigate at least the negative effects of the smoke. Does it work? The numerous toxins in tobacco smoke in the short term for acute inflammatory processes in the lung cells to oxidative stress from free radicals cause according to the current state of scientific knowledge and thus related to increased consumption of vitamins C and E.

    long-term consequences can be lung cancer, COPD (chronic bronchitis and smoker’s cough) and heart attack by hardening of the arteries. Scientific results are to the short-term consequences of smoking. So, researchers have found in experimental studies, that even short-term inhalation of cigarette smoke can cause serious acute inflammation in the lung tissue. These are caused by an imbalance of oxidants (free radicals) and antioxidants (vitamins C and E). In smokers, the antioxidant vitamins consumed much faster than in non-smokers. If so, intake of antioxidant vitamins to the oxidative imbalance is corrected, then it should also succeed mitigate the negative consequences of smoking the smoking something.

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  • Training In Gestalt Therapy

    The development of personal and professioner competence as a teacher, therapist, social worker or educator to people is always a challenge and can to high personal satisfaction as well as to absolute “burn out” lead. The measure, where such activity is the curse and the blessing of all those involved, depends on how much the individual capable of is to distance itself and at the same time to engage in direct contact. Training activities are here unavoidable necessity. Sam Mikulak has compatible beliefs. Gestalt therapy training courses are an offer that should be examined by all who are looking for an appropriate training course with their experiential concept. Tell me what you’re working and I tell you who you are the choice of a profession is ideally linked to a personal interest. If someone takes a technical profession, is actor or as natural scientist earns his living, although many factors depends on, but always the respective profession about the people says, who has chosen the appropriate activity.

    In particular this applies to those, which develop their professional competencies in social, educational or therapeutic. Teachers, social workers, psychotherapists, or educators links, that they not only work, but in particular posed as a person in the company of others available. Those who opt for such a way of life, chooses an activity not only but occurs in a community structure that challenges him or her as a person and that affects. Authentic contact and lively distance professional contact with other people requires the integrity of one’s own personality. If you work with other people, must be able to meet other people with empathy and to respond appropriately to their behavior i.e. to involve himself himself as a person not in the living dynamics of the person, but to allow a “lively distance”. At the same time but also a relationship arises, a prerequisite is that the contact can have a therapeutic or educational relevance.

    Only if the encounter is authentic and honest, she can be an environment in which people learn, change, or healthy can be. Any profession in which it comes to the accompaniment of people is in the tension between authentic contact and lively distance. Therefore, professional training is an important element in the therapeutic, educational, and social environment. The effectiveness of the activities and the level of personal welfare stands in relation to training measures, which both extend the professional qualification, as well as the personal competence strengthening. Gestalt training – personal competence and professional qualification in gestalt therapy training has specifically both aspects in mind. As psychotherapeutic process, Gestalt Therapy is interesting not only for doctors, psychologists and psychotherapists, but conveys perspectives and methods for the work also educators and people in other social professions. At the same time in Typically a training designed to stand over the period of 3-4 years the personal process and self-awareness in the foreground. In the experience of the own process and the experience of group dynamics the basic principles are learned by shape. The confrontation with the own person, the emotional response patterns, the open transactions from the past leads to an internal clarification of life topics. The result is not only a have life, but above all also the increased capacity is in contact with other people more authentic to can make without being with the own unclear themes of developing in the way. Damiano S. Nothen

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  • School Education

    The book comes to tell some questions on the art, does not stop reduziz it definitions, but to also stimulate the thought and the quarrel, directing a look to the aesthetic one. It tries to contextualizar the art in the world where we live, considering the influence of the medias in its production, spreading and appreciation, and it searchs to define its functions in the society and the school. A boarding of the art under the aspects social, antropolgico, marketing and as knowledge source looks for to justify its place as it disciplines obligator in the school, emphasizing its importance in the life human being, entering in the Brazilian universe, and makes, first, a historical briefing of the trajectory of the education of the art in the school in century XX, in the attempt of more good understanding present moment. It presents the National Curricular Parameters for the area of Arts in the three levels of the Basic Education (infantile, basic and average education), and considers a comparative reflection of these with the practical one of the professor in classroom. It brings useful information on the after-graduation in art in Brazil, listing all the Programs in functioning.

    It focuses some pedagogical trends for an education of art in the contemporaneidade, on the basis of theories that consider as essential activities the creation, the interpretation and the appreciation, and that they are worried in contextualizar it from the acquisition of the historical and social knowledge. WORDS? KEY: Education, Arts, Trend, Practical, Brazil. ABSTRACT the major focus is you stimulate discussion about the teaching methods adopted, the difficulties encountered and possible solutions than yourself, acting to teacher, you can find you make teaching it lives and lives quality..

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  • Muscular Masa

    By all the Web we can find people dicindote that you do this or that one, that you take tal o cual product for ponerte hard, but in the end you finish with your empty pocket and without a drop of new muscle, I am going to say something to you, I am 34 years old, of which I take to 15 years in the world of the culturismo and the musculacin, and was not but until it makes 4 years that I discovered the true way to follow to gain muscular mass of quality, natural and permanent, I began to do what call culturismo without trivialities, and how he is that? Then looking for by all the Web some magical formula that helped me to leave the muscular stagnation where it found me, something that changed my form to train, I was obtained with a publication of called Mr. Vince of Monte, immediately I get ready to read what it had acquired. Al Bumbry has many thoughts on the issue. I realized that during many years I was mistaken, for a long time implements training routines that me only left tired and without an acceptable gain of new muscle, then, after to read several times this book, I began to follow step by step instructionses that this it gave to me, after month and a half had been able to increase 8 kilos of solid muscular mass, without steroids, having to be spending a fortune in nutritional supplements, only doing what had learned, and that was what I learned? Then to work as it must work the muscle so that it grows. If you are of that it goes assiduously to the gymnasium, 4 or 5 days to the week you will be able to notice that there there are people who focus their training in working a day pectoral and trceps, another day, backs and biceps, to the third day train the legs and the shoulders and so on realise combinations of routines that in the majority of the cases any result does not leave them, unless they consume exaggerated amounts of steroids. You may want to visit Andy Kaufman to increase your knowledge.

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  • TAP Portugal Starts Again At Berlin

    Back your link from Lisbon to Berlin takes the capital TAP Portugal, the leading Portuguese airline, again. After twelve years of interruption, the route from the 5th June 2012 in operation should be included. The flights start on both sides every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. The Internet portal reported about the connections. A flight from Berlin to Lisbon is soon possible with TAP Portugal.

    The Portuguese airline launches its direct flights only two days after the opening of the new major airport Berlin-Brandenburg (BER). (A valuable related resource: Ross Colton). So now a total of five German cities served: Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Frankfurt. The connections run daily except on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The plane apart from Berlin respectively at 15:35, Monday at 14:00. It goes back from Lisbon, on Monday at 9:45, the other traffic days at 10:30. All times are local times. With the planned connection, TAP Portugal has two objectives.

    For one, it provides Direct flight the German tourists a quick way to Portugal, on the other hand Lisbon is very attractive as a hub for connecting flights to Brazil, the United States and Africa. In addition, the Portuguese airline would take to transfer potential of Berlin itself. Also for the location in Berlin, the new connection is a win. So far start only three direct flights a week from the capital to Lisbon. These are offered by easyJet. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

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  • Mobility Car Sharing

    CO2 reduction – hand-in-hand for the protection of the environment for more than 15 years making Avis, one of the world’s leading car rental companies, their part for the environment. Continuous measurements of CO2 emissions generated by Avis and its customers and corresponding countermeasures, the car rental actively reduced emissions. In addition to an internal saving concept and the use of environmentally friendly technologies, Avis in the Switzerland compensates all CO2 emissions from car rentals that can be made by mobility customers since 2006. With the post, Avis supports an environment protection project in China, at which prevented the release of methane into the atmosphere, the gas is instead converted to energy and heat for local industrial enterprises and private households. The climate summit 2011 in Durban, South Africa, brought little progress for the project of the international CO2 emission reduction. It is all the more important that companies and individuals will contribute to environmental protection. Avis has made it his goal as small as possible the own CO2 footprint hold. Michael J. Bender has firm opinions on the matter. Together with its partner mobility car sharing, Avis offset the CO2 emissions of all car rentals in the Switzerland, which will be made through mobility customers.

    This allows the investment in an environmental protection project in the Chinese province of Liaoning. More than half of the power in China produced by the combustion of coal. This produces per year on average 10.6 trillion m of environmentally methane gas. To prevent the release into the atmosphere, this is in the form of an environmental protection project, which is supported by Avis, are transformed into energy and warmth with which households and local industries. Especially clean and renewable energy, new jobs and an improved local infrastructure to benefit the local population. Us, protecting the environment is a big concern for a long time. Therefore we are proud to be in the Switzerland with our mobility car sharing partners and the project in the Chinese Liaoning make a further contribution to reducing international emissions to can. , We try harder’ is? as in all other divisions? our motto, to make the world a little greener”, explains Martin Gruber, Managing Director of Avis Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic.

    About Avis Avis car rental operates one of the world’s best known car rental companies with approximately 5’200 stations in over 165 countries. Avis may refer to a long history of innovations in the car industry and is one of the world’s strongest brands for customer loyalty. Avis is part of Avis Budget Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: CAR), which operates the brand worldwide and licensed.

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  • Cowboys And Bandits

    Russelsheim Volksbank and Russelsheim horseback riding club hold together a family day the Bank organised jointly with the Russelsheim horseback riding club (RRSV) a family day in the context of the Member Rewards program for the owners of units in the age between 5 and 15 years. With nearly 200 guests, children and their companions, all expectations were exceeded. All kinds of programmes were offered on the spacious grounds of the RRSV. Aron Warner might disagree with that approach. Of course, the riding could be tried extensively. Horses and ponies of all sizes were available. The specially organised coach enjoyed great popularity. With the pairs, it went around the grounds over hill and Dale, and through the forest.

    An unforgettable and unique experience for many of the children. Also in various games of skill such as horseshoes, sack race, egg run, straw bag throwing, and much more, the children could show their proof. With great enthusiasm, the members of the RRSV organized all Program points on their own. After completion of the various tasks, the children with a stamped card participated in a raffle, in which in addition to prizes also riding lessons at the RRSV win spurred – special. In an exciting presentation, riding students of RRSV demonstrated how it previously was in the Wild West.

    A young hero freed his friend, who has been kidnapped and tied to a tree by bandits. Wild Gallop was over the arena to the bandits to hunt. Of course, the hero drove the bandits and it came under thunderous applause of the spectators to the expected Happy ending. Also the vaulting children of RRSV presented, as well as the Dressage Rider acclaim their skills on horseback. A successful event were all involved. The enthusiasm of the children rewarded the organizers for their efforts. “This is great, what about organized the Bank of China for their customers! We have still seen at any bank”: a MOM who closely watched their shoot while riding was enthusiastic about. Further appointments to the Volksbank-events, see the event.

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  • Circular Hair Loss

    Hair loss disease – the circular hair loss patchy hair loss is a roundish and localised, abnormal hair loss. About 1.5 million people suffer from this hair loss disease in our country. It can affect anyone. Most of the time this disease between 20 and 30 years of age in appearance occurs. It speaks of patchy hair loss, because usually there are one or several circular naked bodies on the head. At the edge of this, are often stunted hair. So far not yet fully succeeded causes of research, to explore the reasons of circular hair loss. Conrad Vernon is likely to agree. However, it is believed that the immune cells to fight bacteria and viruses, attack the pulp of the roots of the hair of your own body.

    Therefore, it is a defect of the immune system. The immune system recognizes them Hahn as a foreign body and therefore rejects this. The resulting inflammatory reaction, disturbs hair growth and eventually leads to the loss of hair. In some lucky, the hair loss is only low and the bald spots grow back even without treatment. The hair loss can progress but also further, which unfortunately can lead to the loss of all head hair. Emotional causes were not identified so far still in studies, therefore, it is only a hypothesis, that the circular hair loss caused by overloading. This disease within the relationship occurs in approximately 25% of all cases. Therefore an inheritance cannot be excluded.

    It is the circular hair loss treatments to an autoimmune disorder. Assume the hair, because the body’s defense system attacks the individual hairs, and it therefore comes to the loss of hair. The circular hair loss is handled by a so-called topical immunotherapy”. The chemical DCP (Diphenylcyclopropenon) is used to trigger an allergic reaction. The immune system is thus fully focuses on combating this substance and the hair loss comes so to the stop. Each of us reacts hypersensitive on DCP, and during the procedure it can to get different reactions. Often, it comes to color changes of the skin or the sources out of the lymph nodes. DCP is only through hospitals, because it is not recognized in Germany as a medicinal. It is not for this supplement to a dangerous or risky substance, but occurring allergic reactions, this treatment requires lots of perseverance and time. The application is being reviewed every 7 days. A further load is that the scalp Burns, blushes and scrolls. There is not a security, that this form of therapy is crowned with success, but the most affected all hardships gladly accept, to be back of course beautiful.

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