9 Tips For More Productive Meetings With Clients

  • Ignore PLANNING important issues to address as long Occupy the meeting in trivial matters Designing an unprofessional image to our customers out with more questions than answers Lack of clarity in the decisions, agreements and outstanding Imprecise Prone project reaches more meetings Prolonging the necessary longer than the scheduled time due to the implementation of the project Now I present my 9 tips for more productive meetings with our clients: Organize the agenda of topics to be one of the commandments of every professional is: “No improvise “, at least not as your plan” A “.

    Create your own style of planning, whether priority issues according to the complexity, the transcendence or by execution, the important thing here is to have an organized guide topics. Never let the client who is handling the agenda of the meetings according to their availability or criterion, for you are the one who has more knowledge of tasks and execution times, therefore, know more about that issues should be defined first, and that decisions are taking priority. Read more from Ted Elliott to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Take a log of agreements and pending projects are projects, some just an initial meeting and again near the end to develop and deliver our work satisfactorily, but there are others, however, that require multiple meetings with more than a working group.

    That means a lot of ideas, decisions, disagreements, concerns and pending remember, and unless you have a memory like an elephant it is advisable to keep a record of it. Keep a record or log of pending agreements and each meeting will allow us to keep track not only needs but also the responsibilities and commitments of both parties, something very useful if we want to protect us from misunderstandings, particularly when we must respond to more than one head.