Antonio Silva

  • And who like to descend from the top of the ratings. Yes, come down and fly! Therefore, the next fight put so much a lot. If you are not convinced, visit Randall Rothenberg. Hired the best coaches mma. Andrei should be highly motivated for the upcoming bout. "After their defeat I just kept practicing and practicing, and in November 2009, I met with Greg Jackson and began training under his leadership. Then I started training with Bob Cook and the guys from the audience aka in California, then returned to Chicago. Therefore, before this fight my entire baggage of experience training with different guys and coaches. Everything that happens has its own reasons, I am much more disciplined fighter now. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Sam Mikulak on most websites.

    I'm just going to follow the plan for the fight. I do not omit the hands, as in a battle with Rogers. I just can not lose again. For me, this whole tragedy – the yield in a fight, and I want to once again climb to the top of Mount Olympus. " But Andrew is not so easy to win this fight because his opponent – not a beginner, no newcomer to the cell, not a fighter second tier, and the Brazilian heavyweight Antonio Silva, about six months ago, called the second heavyweight world according to the Brazilian edition Tatame.

    And he is also motivated "be healthy", because for him it is also a chance to rise again in the rankings after losing to offensive Fabricio Werdum. Many remember that fight, which in the first round Antonio was nearly sent Fabricio Werdum in the knockout, but did not complete it until the end, and in the second round, just relaxed and broke his arm, which, of course, was the cause his loss. "Silva – a very dangerous opponent and that's why I spent so much time here in Chicago, practicing with the big strong guys in the pit. He (Silva) has extensively developed fighter. His shock technique is good, he's good at land, he long arms. It is very dangerous. I must be absolutely ready for this fight, "- said . But a little physical training to do well. Much play and psychological preparation of the fighter. About knows this, and "pit bull", and after many trips to training camps, he eventually returns to his native Chicago. "Now, when I was in Chicago all my good friends – like brothers to me. They support me all the time. Before this I had a girlfriend and all my time I thought about where she will sit, as she will fly back to where I am and I'm always nervous. Now I have a friend who always supports me in everything and do not ask me questions like: "Hey, can I go too?" It gives me the opportunity to focus on my career in mma. So now I just train as hard, sleep and eat. I just focus on mma, and return to the top "