Aya Hiroshi

  • "He said with a wave of insecurity, I preferred to ignore his nature. And I thought that at the end of course, would leave her alone and manage to see Aya Hiroshi. Then I worry that side. And she behaved well enough with me, taught me everything and explained it perfectly. Her beautiful dress glowed naturally.

    It was quite a lady, beautiful and tender, but with something hidden, a mystery that was hardly decipherable to anyone. Then the go all over the place, I was exhausted, wanting to go to eat, my stomach was screaming from inside. Yet when asked if I wanted to eat something, I said no. The truth is that Aya Hiroshi wanted to see as soon as possible to find out how the accident happened and what reasons contributed to happen. She told me she had to leave, then he should do some things, though I explained what. I, for one, take a deep breath and I wanted to ask some young people who have stood by the speaker did know my roommate. I did as soon as Mika Hidaka left.

    Hardly anyone could answer me. Hiroshi did not know at this, and many were new. I started walking, I knew there would be the end of the world, just because they find Hiroshi. I did not understand the instructions to get somewhere, because everything was Japanese. I was completely lost. Just saw the boys and girls speaking, many Japanese, some English. I was confused, or idea where he was.