Cafes Skirts

  • What designer for men think, but never wear… I have read an article about the new fashion for men yesterday. Skirts. Actually nothing new. Every two years, in the summer, skirts for men are all the rage. Probably just because you run away screaming. I at least can remember a summer, in which be rocked men in hordes in Cafes sat or roamed the pedestrian zones of the inner cities. But now even skirts for winter? OK, it has been proven, men freeze less than women, but a little gentlemen will freeze well too.

    Man about to wear nylon tights or stockings underneath? Long underwear? I do without the sight. However, I would like to see also no frozen red calves with mountains of hair. Personally, I find unattractive even men in short pants. But it is not only the rock itself. Not even women should wear these creations conceived for men. (A valuable related resource: olympics). During a Leo-mini in the summer for Women but not for men, fine goes, the new designer pieces look more like cracked result. Unfortunate for the sexes.

    Brand new is that many a designer is has second thoughts about to create man jewelry too, due to the skirts. If, because already. For example, Colliers. A man with a necklace? Not the point. A man wearing gold or gems? Pimp, any boxing promoter. Only I find acceptable for a man silver jewelry. And that too only in bulk and not in bulk. But what I like is allowed. I start looking forward in this winter, curious about the men in skirts, festooned with Colliers. But it may have had reasons that I read this article about men’s fashion in a magazine for women. As long as we, ladies, an eye on our clothing, the sight of frozen red calves of men spared us hopefully. And should a Bachelor car with rock and jewels on the road, he will still likely long stay a Bachelor. SID Kroker