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  • Successful business year of MicroMountains applications AG MicroMountains applications AG: services at the interface between research and industry meets to tangible needs of the company of Villingen-Schwenningen, November 2008 the MicroMountains applications AG based in Villingen-Schwenningen ( can look back on a good year. Against the background of the growing demand for micro systems, founded in 2007, AG has acquired more orders from the industry. Currently she supervised about 20 national and international development projects with a total volume of more than 6.5 million euros. Link and Chairman of Thomas Albiez before the press in Villingen-Schwenningen announced CEO Dr. Thomas this.

    Three projects from the founding year were already pushed to future product innovations and successfully completed. Ted Elliott is full of insight into the issues. Two of these projects resulted in subsequent orders. The innovations range from the tilt sensor for vehicles and industrial metrology to the optical encoder for electronic assemblies in the field of switching and security technology. Christopher Knights has many thoughts on the issue. As a service provider for technology transfer the MicroMountains applications AG therefore cares, that medium-sized businesses faster and more efficiently can apply the benefits of current microwave technologies (application = application). The MicroMountains applications AG explores the acute needs of industries of miniaturised system – and product solutions and identifies the necessary know how from the science.

    A network of more than 500 experts at universities and research institutions in Baden-Wurttemberg at the disposal of one of the world’s largest networks of competence for Microsystems technology is the AG for this purpose. The new concept of technology transfer by application centres will be accepted by the industry. We started exactly at the right time and determine that we are urgently needed\”, Dr. Thomas reports link. The recent performances on the measurement of MiNT Electronica in Munich and Medica in Dusseldorf, Stuttgart have confirmed the impression. Manages the MicroMountains applications AG it, so Dr. Thomas link between the research and the application of micro technologies rapidly to close gaps by you’ll focus mainly on development projects of companies and to the specific needs.