• The firm – has been synonymous with overseas quality, style, fashion, high prices and, of course, the deficit. "Brand thing" to get it was not easy. Get – really very Soviet word accurately characterize the era. Or consider words: "deficit", "turn", "thrown out" (in the sense that the store counter came an excellent product). "Where got?" – A constant problem at the turn of the 70's – 80's.

    In those years, Levis jeans with the label was a dream of every young person. Leonid Kagan in his essay, gave an excellent description of the behavior of the time: "70 years of Soviet man, who had bought spiv jeans, was in no hurry to remove the plastic pendant with checks and spotted a cardboard flap attached to the back pocket. This Soviet dandy surf streets mleya of pride for a bright piece of cardboard on the stern, multiple tags with bar codes and luggage labels, snapping in the wind. " Deficient fashion for "corduroy" and "" stoked a growing excitement in the pursuit of the company, which gradually actively penetrate into people's lives. It was a kind of chic to ride it to "corporate train, listen to the" brand plate ", to defend in line for "brand shoes" or any other "brand name" light industry. 80 years is also not pleased the total availability to the company, few people could afford to buy expensive things, they were mostly children diplomats or sales staff. But it was in the 80 years to be developed the concept of "proprietary trading".