Comprehensive Disability Management

  • Documenting the need for providing comprehensive coverage as requested. Proof of disability by the disability certificate provided for in Article 3 of Law No. 22 431 and their counterparts at Provincial level. The provision on the outside is not subsidized, except that the cost of the benefit is lower than that prevailing in the country for the same practice. LEGISLATION: Nat Law 22 431, Law 23 660 Nac, Nac Law 23 661, 24 314 Nat Law Article 22 inc.

    a, Nac Law 24 455, 24 754 Nac Act, Act 24 901 Nat. (Res. No. 400/99 Special Programs Administration). LAW A. .. Production sheltered workshops in order to produce goods and / or services, the stock must be composed of workers disabilities, physical or mental, prepared and trained for the job, working age, and suffering from a disability that prevents them from obtaining and maintaining competitive employment, to create Education Group.

    Protected by disabled workers, with the same characteristics that work under special conditions in an undifferentiated working environment, to create Therapeutic Sheltered Workshops in the public or private agency relationship with a rehabilitation unit of an effector health and are aimed at social integration through activities adaptation and job training, his staff works with people whose degree of disability, can not develop competitive industrial activities or in sheltered workshops. LIMITATIONS: Setting the entitlement system and supervision of Production sheltered workshop for disabled workers, accredited under dependency of an Association with legal and recognized as public goods. The work protected in all media must register in the body that determines the Ministry of Labour.