• As soon as I arrived of change in Bar of San Francisco I started to hear left-hand side histories regarding the Z of the Coffin. The man is a celebrity and old owner of funerary in the city. The first story that heard was of that such man feels far of the arrival of the woman with the blade in the hand. The citizen was yellowish and the Z of the Coffin measures already it from above in low. People accustom with officiate it. When I age store clerk I wise person the weight of the things alone to catch. Botava in the scale alone pra to confer. The Z of the Coffin looks at pra you and already it knows the size of the wooden ballot box that Your Landlady goes to need.

    It is a difficult profession, is that situation of you bad more you the bo. One day happened a tragic accident in the region, a full bus was shocked against a truck. I ruin it was great, it had some deceased and a mount of wounded people. The planto doctor ran for the place, followed for ambulances and paramdicos. There also the Z of the Coffin arrived.

    The doctor in the anxiety to give aid to the survivors was soon placing of a side those that already had evolved the death. The Z of the Coffin if charged to give beginning to its difficult work. First it was to see if he identified deceased and then to start the services fnebres. In the way them died a man if it moved and almost without it speaks mumbled: There, there, I am I live. The Z of the Coffin pro spoke expensive to be quiet, looked at inside of the eye of the dying and said: I medicate if it said that you this deceased, who are you you stop saying the opposite.