Economic Catastrophes

  • In many fluvial valleys, areas are cultivated now where floodings had always been common. majority of the victims of these catastrophes is constituted pelospobres of the poor nations, where the subsistence agriculturists become suasterras more citizens the droughts and floodings because they kill the areas delinquents, eonde the poor persons if become more vulnerable all the catastrophes because steep hillsides or in marginal regions without protection vivemem, only reasque remain to construct its barracos to them. Not making use of divided foods nemde, the economically vulnerable governments of these countries have poucascondies to face such catastrophes. The bonds between ambient consuming and catastrophes queimpedem the development are proven better in subsaariana Africa. Per capita Aproduo of foods, that comes declining since years 60, entered in collapse during dries of 80 years e, at the moment they alimentoseram where them more necessary, about 35 million people they had been at risk. The extreme use deterra and dries drawn out threatens to transform into desert the prados ones of the Sahelafricano.

    None region suffers from more tragic way with the vicious circle dapobreza that leads to the deterioration of the environment, that in turn deteriorao of the environment, that in turn leads to a bigger poverty. A time that increases the standard of living, also increases economic odesenvolvimento, that in turn increases the ambient impact. Homematua in the nature as if was not to exist a coming generation. Everything queinteressa is the capitalism, the economic growth. However, it has one ameaaiminente, therefore the nature is come to ruin also destroys the life. ' ' effect estufa' ' , and the destruction of the deoznio layer of the atmosphere, which had the set free gases in the atmosphere, are threats aossistemas that they support the life, and they derive directly from the biggest use of the resources. The fsseis fuel burning and also the falling of trees and the burning of florestasliberam carbon dioxide (CO2).