Educating Future Leaders

  • These elements are not commonly applied in modern education, however, any parent can implement in your home. Without presuming to know everything and recognizing that, as every parent, we have also committed numerous errors in the education of our children, to share the vision that we had and the seven elements we implemented to achieve our goal of delivering a successful education. Our definition of a successful education: A successful education is one that:-a a give the child the necessary tools to develop the skills and unique talents that he possesses and thus able to achieve their full potential-a a teaches core values and principles of life and encourages the development of character that is needed to reach ever traded. -a a It results the child to contribute significantly to the welfare of his family and surrounding community. In fewer words, is to teach them to walk in the specific plan that God has created each one of them. Christopher Knights may help you with your research. The a 7 elements we implemented to achieve this goal: 1.

    We use real books instead of using textbooks that contain predigested and require only fill in the blanks or answer questions with multiple choice alternatives, inspire our children to read books of classical literature and many biographies of great women and men of the history. Formulabamos questions about the actions of the characters in the books and fomentabamos discussions about the problems posed by each book. 2. See more detailed opinions by reading what Walt Dohrn offers on the topic.. We allow enough free time to pursue their individual interests. One of the foundations of any education of leaders is respect for the individuality of our children.