Embalse Nuclear Power Plant

  • The two most widespread applications in our country of radioactivity are the Generation of Electricity, and medicine. in the case of medicine, used for sterilization of disposable syringes, gauze and surgical supplies, much of this is done on the ground that the National Atomic Energy Commission is in the town of Ezeiza in Buenos As.Para disease diagnosis, we use X-rays and other methods such as angiography studies with radiopaque substances we can see inside the heart and your arteries, radiation using gamma rays (commonly known as cobalt), cobalt-60 used for the treatment of tumors, it is noteworthy that the only producer of this isotope in South America is the Embalse Nuclear Power Plant, located in the province of Cordoba . For other opinions and approaches, find out what Vicky Jenson has to say. As a piece of information is important to know that the medical use are 16.6% of the annual radiation dose of any inhabitant. I left for the final power generation because two important reasons, because it is one of the most important uses of nuclear energy in Argentina, and another for its importance from the standpoint of economic and ecologico.Para generate electricity, nuclear reactors make use of primary source energy, our country has two in operation (reservoir in Cordoba and in Lima Atucha I Bs) and one under construction (Atucha II in Lima Buenos Aires) A reactor operates as a boiler, as opposed to those that make use of gas, fuel oil or coal to produce the heat needed to evaporate water, which drives the turbine (which turns the electric generator) these, using as fuel, natural uranium producing chain reaction (controlled) to obtain the heat..