Energy Saving

  • For example, it is selling washing of energy saving: Characteristic: They use less electricity than the conventional machines. Advantage: You save money with each use! It sees the difference? Their visitors must have a clear idea of how its product is going to help to improve its lives, because that is it is going what them to convince to that they buy! Step #3: To design a winning Web site that turns its visitors into buyers. At Sam Mikulak you will find additional information. Yes, it is truth: It must only begin to construct to his Web site once it knows that it is what is going to sell and it has his bill of sale in writing. In such a way that the design of its site facilitates the sale process. The most important part that it must have in it counts when it designs his Web site is TO MAINTAIN IT SIMPLE. It has only 10 seconds to catch the attention at the moment at which somebody arrives at its Web site – if no, they will go away, and it will not return them to never see.

    Some tips important to have present: To choose a plane source like Arial or Verdana. To use the black text in a white bottom. Asegrese that their navigation is clear and simple, and includes a map of the site (Sitemap). It avoids the showy use or the distraction of the flash or the audio one (to use the video and the audio one is ACCEPTABLE only like support, because rather it is relaxing of his message). Asegrese to include a form OPT-IN to collect the names and electronic mails of its visitors – in exchange for offering something to them useful, as a gratuitous subscription to a monthly bulletin of the news or a gratuitous report that contains useful information. If it decides to become qualified a little in HTML and to design same you his site, or to contract a designer to do it by you, its goal is not to confuse its visitors, must guide them gradually and step by step a traverse of the purchase process.