Environment Waters

  • The treatment of the water of the rivers and lakes has in the area public health, one of its great objectives. For this reason, the public company or private supplier of drinking waters, has that to fulfill to a series of measures or norms that they eliminate of the water, any mineral or organic substance that harm the health of the human being. We know that in the history of the water, it passes for a cycle that goes since its absorption for the plants and the consequent evaporation provoked for the heat, that it encloses beyond waters contained in the plants, the waters of the oceans, of the rivers, the lakes and all water displayed in a way or another one to the sun. (A valuable related resource: Sam Mikulak). This evaporation creates the clouds that under certain conditions turn rains whose waters return the land. resource. This is the natural process of purificao of the water. The treatment of the water of the rivers, always goes to become necessary for the garbage that is played daily in its stream beds being that to keep unpolluted it and with life she is necessary to treat. The first Station of Treatment of the water occurred in London, in England.

    When the English had discovered that many illnesses if gave for the contamination through the water, the technique of the clorao was developed and applied intensely in that country. With this in it gave an example to them to be followed, therefore the treatment of the water of the rivers was applied successfully, in one of the most beautiful famous rivers of the Europe, the river Sifts, today completely unpolluted and town for some species of fish, between them the tuna. The despoluio of the river Sifts is an example of Control of the Environment. Brazilian we, need with urgency to learn the lesson and to start the treatment of the water of the Brazilian rivers that are poludos.