Gabriele Ehlers

  • Concentration on fun – not on information overload the classical education and training will leave it deliberately and entering the infotainment area! The fundamental difference between training/training and infotainment in the motivatorischen objective. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Stan Kroenke. Training/training, 80-90% of knowledge and motivation teaching 10-20% for the use of newly acquired knowledge are the target. Infotainment events the motivation is as much the focus (40%-50%) such as providing specific content (50%-60%). A focus on knowledge and lots of new information affects the participants more stressful and tiring. The consequences are fatal, because the “negative connotation” (fatigue/stress/concentration difficulties) is immediately brought by our brain in connection with the “new content” (Office 2010).

    In a brain-friendly communication (fun, movement and variety), however, are (new) Content fuller and more experienced and are therefore better in the long-term memory. The participants work during a 90 or 120-minute briefing actively with the activities carried out within different throwing and catching exercises – suitable for the subject – with only one ball. In maximum 2 hours, participants gain insight to “Excel”, “Outlook”, “Powerpoint”, “Word”, and “Windows 7” with sustainable impact. Cooperation between FQL and Integrata AG the Integrata AG is currently the only provider that offers information events for a successful IT migration using juggling exercises. Several major companies from different industries hired already Integrata AG with the realization of exciting IT migration info events in connection with business-juggling. These projects have been realized with juggling trainers of the Munich-based agency FQL – communication management for motivation, enthusiasm & success. Holder Stephan Ehlers is not only a trainer for motivation and professional juggler, but also Inventor of the successful juggling learning system REHORULI. For this juggling learning system in recent years, he has trained currently 30 coaches in Germany, Switzerland and Netherlands.