General Democracy

  • Loop the loop is idle, not rhetorical precious Lord General, which must be deeply democratic is democracy itself, the true system of liberties, with a solid institutional framework and with an authentic citizen participation in determining their fates and ways to achieve them. Something that their “high” was put on a silver platter for nine years, the democracy that we had allowed the removal and prosecution of a sitting president for some reason, in the light of what you have shown us all this time, now we crave the most sovereign and most despicable ridiculous minutiae. That democracy, which could be spoiled by the effects pernicious prolonged exposure to the terms of the fixed-point pact, but in which the system of checks works and it works so well that nobody of the Fourth Republic could have or even try a few dark manipulations have been made in the fifth with the electoral system, the rep or the issuance of identity. A democracy was unthinkable that the betrayal of an assembly, a prosecutor or a supreme court, useless and, today, for their actual functions. A democracy, General, in which no one dared to turn the FAN, where you were educated and thrived for so long, in the meek and holy altar of lambs to not tarnish his golden hurts when looking up soles their eyes to its “very high” drool with amazement and admiration for his magnificence of cardboard and tinsel. “… The policy of full nationalization of all agricultural, industrial and commercial created between the government and people serious misunderstandings and discontent that lead to anarchy, anti-hunger and rebellion.