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  • Queen Elizabeth II and German property owners combines more than commonly believed. While Royal authority over the running costs of the Buckingham laments Palace and Windsor Castle, owners of third-party rented property also moan about a high maintenance costs with some serious economic consequences. Under most conditions Geno Smith would agree. r in this field. SHB real estate funds pay for themselves even though such costs are taken into account. The Queen is chronically damp. “That show hundreds of secret poverty at 10 Downing Street, whose publication of the independent” had legally obtained years ago. But instead of pushing to give deprived the Labour Government under Tony Blair of her Majesty in a financial memorandum”2006 the sovereignty over the Royal budget. For example, the ongoing operations of the Buckingham Palace ensures eternal quarrels even in the year of the anniversary and of Windsor Castle, alone, the renovation of the kitchen and the coffee room at Windsor Castle should reportedly around 45,000 euros higher and thus more expensive than planned, have failed.

    A report of the Financial times Germany according to the Buckingham should be and moldy muffeln also Palace greatly in need of renovation. “All issues that are not unknown German real estate owners in a similar way, such as Hans Gruber, real estate expert of SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG), knows from many years of experience: buying a used self or third-party rented real estate, often underestimated the associated conservation and renovation costs.” A common empirical formula according to between 0.8 and 1.0 per cent of the purchase price each year would have to from the completion of the construction are invested or placed on the page, the object from the outset to prevent loss of quality. “This is a whole lot of money, as Gruber SHB Immobilienfonds calculates: purchase price of, for example, 420,000 euros from year to year between 3.360 and 4,200 euro come together.” In addition to the property tax and the ongoing repayment for the typically required mortgage loan. It is therefore fatal, if you solely from the currently extremely low interest loans and hide when foreign rented apartments in the prospect of a first-class return would. In the worst case, the previous owner of a second-hand property were idle and a renovation jam has formed. “Then, according to the expert of the SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG), will the financial limits overused quickly: but once all reserves are used up and an additional credit threatens to cope with, not a distress sale or even the foreclosure.” Instead to take advantage of the once hoped-for return, the real estate owners in these cases faced a financial disaster. What however still many investors do not know: the dream of return with third-party rented property you must not buy an entire object with all is hidden and often unknown risks. SHB funds, for example, allow for manageable and representable without their own loan amounts participation in sophisticated real estate concepts with first-class and longtime tenants. “Because the costs incurred during the period of management and maintenance are already taken into account and for the investor still” attractive payouts can be made they are a sensible alternative to the direct acquisition of real estate.