Hand Luggage

  • ECJ judgment: not justice not binding published regulations on hand baggage and luggage at the airport: non-published regulations on hand baggage and luggage at the airport not binding the Court of Justice of the European communities has decided that unpublished and secret held specifications for items of hand luggage, luggage and luggage at the airport during security checks to passengers have no legal validity and are not binding for this. by Jan Bartholl (lawyer for travel and air traffic law) MA 2009 (MA) that examines the hand luggage of flying off passengers before the access to the security area in the airport before boarding the aircraft on prohibited items, every passenger knows. There are problems but always certain items like tools, Dummies, special jewellery, cosmetics or technical equipment guided with. Frequently asked passengers before the election, the removed items from the Employees to dispose of the security personnel at the airport, or not to be allowed in the area of security. The practice of the safety investigation varies from airport to airport. Who ever flown off from Dusseldorf or Frankfurt airport, will have experienced probably extremely strict controls of the security personnel.

    The practice of the control and the acceptance of objects is not always legitimate. The European Court of Justice (Court of Justice of the European communities) decided by judgment of March 10, 2009, that the standards for air safety from the annex of to Regulation (EC) No. are 622 / 2003 not binding for each passenger against the adoption of the European Commission and the security company, as published in the official journal of the European Union (ECJ, URT. v. 10.03.2009, AZ.: RS C-345/06 procedures Gottfried Heinrich). The appellant was invited as an Austrian citizen at the airport of Vienna by the security personnel in hand luggage carried tennis rackets to leave. The complainant held the prompt for illegal and refused to leave the tennis racket.