Head and Neck Health

  • It is not a direct hit on the skull which damages the brain, but the acceleration or deceleration suffered by the brain tissue inside the skull causing such an impact on the bounce inside the skull despite the protection of cerebrospinal fluid. Animal studies showed that concussion is induced with difficulty when the head was held in a fixed position but with more easily when allowing the head to move freely. (11) significantly decreases Nod correctly the force of impact to the head and requires the use of the frontal bone to contact the ball, the muscles of the neck to limit the mobility of the head and lower body to position the torso in line with the head and neck to increase resistance and decrease the acceleration of the head.

    So to head the ball well technically correct position is necessary and conditioning the entire body including the muscles needed to jump. (12) Anyway few times during a football game where a player can pitch the ball correctly and freely because when this happens is because a bug in the opposing player as the order of any football coach players is that no opposing team should be able to head the ball without being disturbed. To better understand the risks to head the ball Babbs CF created a series of simple mathematical models based on Newton’s second law of motion to describe the physics of pitching. Antonio Banderas has compatible beliefs. These models describe the player, the ball, the flight of the ball before impact the movement of the head and the ball during the impact and effects of these on the intensity and duration of head acceleration.