How Is Hopelessness And The Despair In Learning?

  • Actually, it is connected to learning in its natural form with pleasant emotions. Fun, satisfaction and joy of discovery. For even more analysis, hear from Roger Goodell. Actually, it is connected to learning in its natural form with pleasant emotions. Kansas City Chiefs has firm opinions on the matter. Fun, satisfaction and joy of discovery. In the course of time in schools and other educational institutions, this connection loses then often and many adults connect learning and reading later effort, stress and work. But as if that weren’t bad enough, another problem is many: the feeling of total excessive demands in the face of the material. Not only because of the amount, but also because of the “Seriousness” and complexity. Too many specialists and foreign words, too demanding, too technical, too complicated.

    This issue is related to the imbalance between the level of study and knowledge of the reader. Decades ago, I was a music teacher in a previous “career” times and had the situation that students arrived with pieces that could possibly learn more can. “This suite of Johann Sebastian Bach is beautiful, but that music students fight us after 10 years of study for your final concert – let times what are looking for, what sounds so similar to, but not so hard… “The problem with learning is that you can not really judge its own performance level and is therefore totally unrealistic ideas often. That then also the teacher is for, to keep in the total frustration and finding a task that appears viable. Or in other words – the students in learning again and again to keep that on the one hand provides enough challenge, but also enough security in an area. Because too many new leads to frustration by strain stress and leads to frustration too much known by boredom. For this reason, almost all successful people have also a coach, which should ensure this. Most of us but not always afford a coach, and that’s why we need to organize for ourselves – and that is not quite as simple. Especially if you don’t know the ratio between new and unknown would be really optimal for effective reading and learning… If the topic you are interested in – in the new video at the Academy I show the best mix between effort and ease – if you heed that and well himself provide, go to classes the reading and learning from now on better!