Hypertext Markup Language

  • If you are new, but really want to create a website, the first thing you need to learn Hypertext Markup Language html. On the Internet there are many textbooks, but the best html tutorial you can find the link above. html language is very simple and carefully studying you can easily master it in a few weeks. Incidentally, most web-masters know no more than 20% html tags, but this in no way prevents them from when creating sites. Learn more at this site: Anthony Martial. After learn html, you can further read textbooks on languages such as css php and javascript.

    Knowledge of these languages can greatly help you. Once you learn html you can begin to self-site creation. To create a website you likely to be useful skills in working with such programammi as dreamveaver and photoshop. These programs are very common in the Internet and you can easily find them. You can also read an introduction to Dreamweaver. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Josh Allen. When your site is fully prepared you need quality hosting and domain for your site. The domain should be vivid and memorable, and most reliable hosting service.

    I do not advise you to place the site on a free hosting – it's not worth it. Desirable to choose expensive and high-quality hosting, in fact superfluous, such hosters can guarantee the security of your information. Do not risk your website because of some 2-3 thousand rubles a year. Once the site has been posted on the Internet has come the most time to do promotion, but more on that another time.