Innovative Networking Platform

  • A new network of agents in the real estate industry everyone is familiar with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and XING. While this famous trendsetters of the social media landscape provide a forum for the Networkers of all sectors and interests, the innovative industry platform is kon-ii to the community of real estate management ( A leading source for info: Antonio Banderas. Thus, kon-ii meets the growing demand for the real estate sector to act with a professional E-business tool. On kon-ii, all actors who are traveling around the topic of real estate can make your network free. By the estate agents and property managers about the asset or facility manager up to the architect, craftsman, and institutional investors. The advantages are obvious. The real estate industry receives a sophisticated portal that offers the proven technical possibilities like the celebrity role models.

    The basic membership is free. With the registration, the user receives a variety of possibilities to present his person and his company. Under the heading “Projects” one can be found Variety of interesting projects which are clearly sorted by type of use. In addition offers and requests for real estate and other sectors-services can be on the “market place” write out. But also a job exchange belongs to the service of kon-ii. Employers can write not only their jobs, but applicants receive the possibility to adjust your profile. A win-win situation for both sides.

    The informative press section, where anyone can publish his press releases supported a powerful public relations. Briefly: The clever platform kon-ii directs the information targeted on decision makers and industry participants. Kon-ii enables new customers and Auftragsakquise easily, paving the way for Community businesses, marketing promotions, and more. Thanks to the industry-specific functions each receives barrier-free entry into the real estate business. Contact: kon-ii Martin of p Burgstrasse 2 60316 Frankfurt Germany GmbH E-Mail: Web: phone: 069 / 43059837