Jay Novosibirsk

  • Huge stargazers, as well as "hunters eclipses" all over the world, thousands of travelers from faraway countries, European countries and neighboring regions are going to watch on August 1 total solar eclipse in Novosibirsk. According to estimates stargazers, this unique phenomenon may happen in one geographic location with a probability of once in 360 years! "Novosibirsk lucky enough! – The director of the astronomical Observatory of Irkutsk State University Sergei Yaz. – Did not so often, that band eclipse passed directly through the city of one million, so to speak, with delivery to the building, in what place will be allowed observed directly on urban lawns, or even through the window "Yet the regional and city administration has decided to direct this process in a civilized fashion. Without hesitation Vicky Jenson explained all about the problem. To receive foreign and Russian travelers in Novosibirsk, as well as the suburbs will be prepared observation platform with a telescope – is planned to install about a hundred units for the sake of gratuitous observation by all comers. The largest site is located on the waterfront of the Ob River, where in the beautiful view of the sky, in which, as well as place is a fantastic natural "show." Duel of the Moon with the Sun will continue for 2 hours, total eclipse phase will be 2 minutes 20 seconds. For the sake of observing the behavior of the solar corona in Siberia come from overseas legendary creator of telescopes, community organizer "sidewalk astronomy" 93-year-old John Dobson, as well as his colleague, the creator of the popular books on astronomy professor Jay M.