• Lending to the population for consumption purposes in the past year, remains one of the fastest developing areas of the banking sector. Significantly increased the number of people wanting to take advantage of mortgage loan or purchase a car loan. Life in the loan became the norm. In 2002, residents have taken car loan for 700 million dollars, and in 2007 – already at $ 17 billion. Having more money for the purchase of machinery, the Russians prefer to buy expensive and high-quality cars.

    Upward trend in auto loan segment will continue the next three years. Market demand is stable and banks are creating more simple and at the same time beneficial to customers lending program for the purchase of a car. For example, some banks are launching a new car loan program. Loan without income verification. To buy a car, you do not have income, but it's important to be married.

    Client should submit to the bank or showroom only two documents: a copy of your passport and the passport of the spouse and a second identification document. In 2012 Russia will be sold almost 5.5 million cars (From 2007 – 2.7 million). Click Super Bowl LV to learn more. However, the demand will be higher. Despite the massive construction of factories, manufacturing accounted for only about 2 million cars. So what will inevitably grow import of new and used vehicles. By Projections Rosavtodor, park cars in the country by 2012 will almost double (up to 48.4 million units). It is unlikely that the road network will be developed as rapidly. The richer the country, the more the cars for personal Use buy it citizens. Now, with GDP of about $ 8000 per capita, as in other countries with such indicators, per 1000 people 180 cars. By 2020, GDP per capita in Russia will grow to $ 25 000-30 000, respectively, the number of cars will increase to 600 by 1000. Car sales for cash in Russia is growing at roughly the same pace as GDP. Due to the development of the industry of car loans residents received ability to spend on cars a lot more than they earn. Source: RBK.Kredit