Love And Health

  • In my life it has predominance of two great passions without which it would not obtain to survive: The love and the health. Without these two together the survival of all human being becomes despairing, because both are completed to become a happy individual. The love consists of a consequence of diverse inlaid and interlaced feelings of ample form where the convivncia assists in a more easy form to develop the love. It enters all the types of love, the family becomes most visible. I affirm this because true the meaning of the word ' ' AMOR' ' this being considered something unnecessary in the modern times. For diverse reasons where the people are not being capable to love for the running of its lives and the lack knowing true the meaning and are therefore that they live to look for what is more cmodo and easy for each one.

    The health is the necessary good to all. We cannot survive without it, because we have today it and tomorrow, we do not know. Therefore we have that in helping in all the aspects them for one better survival. The good one feeding, total balanced aid very the prevention of illnesses, become it the people strongest to face any virus or bacteria gifts in the organism. When I say that the love does not live without the health is when we perceive that the person that more we love is healthful, pparently, and of one hour for another one it appears a serious illness and from it is there that we perceive the true essence of the word love.