Martial Art Practitioners

  • Introduction the training of martial art for who practical this come back toward the education, respect, to the leisure, fitness and the quality of life of all since children the aged ones, for who is not athlete and practical the sport to remain healthful and who are athlete also obtain to have better well-being. The martial art in itself having as example the Karat and the Jud, beyond providing to the karateca and judoca everything what it was said little, it also provides great improvements for the organism, that is, backwards benefits as muscular and esqueltica resistance, intensity to articulate, general motor coordination and specifies; balance and still assists in the force, the resistance, the power, flexibility and aid still in the cardiovascular system, also provides a welfare mental (concentration), increases the capacity of reasoning fast at the same time selects the fine consequences and rudimentary of the practitioner, the bones are more resistant to the breaking due to musculatura hardened of practitioner. As the World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS) tells that mainly in women who the risk of osteoporose increases, karat can help to prevent the same one. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak might disagree with that approach. However in this study we go to give emphasis to the force training, logical that the Karat does not only exist and the Jud of martial art that if can train the force, however, other martial arts can be cited as the Tae-kwon-do, Jiu-Jitsu, Kung-Fu, among others. Some methods exist to train the force of the practitioner of martial art, include the force or fast force and also known explosive as muscular power, pure force, force of sprint, static force or dynamic force, power force, however we go to specify the training in the explosive force (fast). But after all, what it is Explosive Force (Fast and/or Muscular Power)? Explosive or fast force: it is the use of the force applied in speed, so that the practitioner of this sport reach the blow in the adversary it needs to have an explosion, in which the movement needs to be at the same time quick and necessary when applying, this fara with that its opponent is I catch of surprise.