Merkava Hanzelrusha

  • Are fully engaged in the support of another player: they cure, dan buff and only possess the skills, assist (before lvl 60) attacks, and at level 80 a powerful skill called Merkava Hanzelrusha which is capable of killing monsters in AoE (Area of Effect or Area of effect attacks) Magician: at level 60 you can choose between Elementor or Psykeeper. Elementor: The most powerful, the worst defense. Masters of the five elements (air, Earth, fire, water, Lightning), his abilities violate the most damage enemies. Their skills are based on the magic of these five elements. They use staves (staffs). Psykeeper: Good magic attack, defence normal. They may be of various kinds (builds), the best known are: Crucio (full STA), where you’ll have a massive amount of HP and you appears the attack of enemies to go up a level; either be full INT and perform hard attacks using your Spirit bomb and leaving immobile enemies with Satanology.

    They used sticks (wands). Acrobat: Level 60 you can choose between Ranger or Jester. Ranger: The of more attack, normal defense. Master of the arches. Their skills are based on improving the attack of the arches. The specialty of the Ranger is blocking, since it has a high percentage of rate lock, using 3 AoE can kill in large quantities without suffering many knocks for its high level of blocking.

    There is a variant of this class, the Yoyo ranger. They are ranger used yo-yos as weapons, taking advantage of the properties of this class. Jester: Good attack, good defense. Masters of the yo-yo s. Their skills are based on improving the attack of the yo-yo s and give Add-ons like poison. They attack a short distance. You have CLICK here and download your game 3D free original author and source of the article