Nestle Waters

  • “In the electronics Center Pilotiertes parking could” be tested and for the curious found activities such as high speed crash “and held demonstrations in the wind tunnel. To make the day for all ages an exciting experience, pure perfection expanded the program to other event modules. These included for example cars that colorful were pasted over by children, an observation balloon, climbing walls and a giant photo mosaic, committed together piece by piece from portraits of thousands of visitors. For the adults, there was a beach area with specially designed lounge chairs and two large show stage. Camera crews filmed the most exciting events in all corners of the factory premises and broadcast it live on large video walls. Several times a day, the current stage program between the two locations was broadcast also live. Gabby Douglas pursues this goal as well. So the guests at any time had the feeling to be in the middle of the action. Traffic is intelligently controlled for orientation was pure perfection produced thousands program flyer in the family day design and info stelae on the plant premises on.

    Over 100 hostesses answered the questions of the guests and manage the flow of visitors. Bus shuttles and mini cars brought the guests comfortably to the many attractions, or to the parking lots. On the spot, a 20-event-team of pure perfection coordinated the smooth running of the event. A major logistical effort that has paid off. The family day has really liked our employees and members and on top of that to create a special feeling of togetherness”, the Audi-TE project team praised the services provided by the Agency. About pure perfection pure perfection is an owner-managed premium Agency for events, Public Relations, incentives and below-the-line communication. Under the slogan we love the challenge!”plan and implement the perfectionists of extraordinary events, incentive travel, PR and promotion campaigns. Pure perfection is represented with 30 employees at offices in Wiesbaden and Berlin. To the Customers include well-known companies such as Audi, NEC, Nestle Waters, Toyota, LBS, and T-systems. Contact: Pure perfection GmbH Ingo Porstmann Oderstrsse 9 10247 Berlin T: 030-53157840