Olympic Munich

  • We therefore support the electric mobility as a climate-friendly way of transportation with all our strength in our cities. The Greens have proven to be, however, party”especially for large transport projects made a name: Stuttgart 21, Olympic Munich 2018 or generally new highways and roads. Can you fashion so future? The transport infrastructure is the backbone of our economy. Therefore, we need a for this mentality. For growth. For jobs. For mobility.

    For reliability and continuity especially in large projects, which require huge investment and a long delay. For Stuttgart 21: the Greens have put itself at the forefront of the protest movement. The SPD has always endorsed the project. I’m curious, waiters will be on this issue of cooking and who. The German transport projects have to be implemented as soon as possible? We must take care in the next few years mainly to the receipt of our streets. Here is the need for action because too little into obtaining invested over the past decade has been enormous. Roads may not be driven on wear and tear. We have therefore increased funds for the maintenance of the motorways and federal highways to around 2.2 billion euros this year.

    of course, we, if possible, even necessary education and construction projects will tackle. All costs however money. That’s why I fighting for to get the investment in the transport infrastructure at a high level. In addition, we break new ground with our public private partnerships. 10 everywhere great uncertainty prevails. What can you do to get here a little clarity in the thicket of information? 10, petroleum industry and car manufacturers are duty continue to enlighten and to give security. Only in this way, you can take motorists their legitimate concerns. When it comes to introduce new high performance materials, the petroleum industry invests money for campaigns. The introduction of 10 she does This is not, as one can be surprised actually only. They’ve been over one and a half years in Office. What was your most intense experience? The volcanic ash cloud was my most intense experience exactly one year ago. Never been there one challenge and a precedent requiring difficult decisions in a very short time. Continuous phone calls and tough negotiations with my European counterparts, which still persists. Since the ash crisis I am at European level for uniform, internationally binding limit values, up to which aircraft safe fl Ying can. Here the Commission has done too little.