• Important aspects and terms related with Hartz 4 referred to as Hartz 4 \”is commonly used in a short form the last of four so-called laws for modern services on the labour market\”, which entered into force on 1 January 2005 and until changed several times today. Name is the former Volkswagen AG Board Member for personnel Peter Hartz, who was instrumental in the development of the four laws. Hartz 4 essential point is merging of unemployment benefit and social assistance on the level of performance of the existing social assistance, i.e. the previously three-tier structure of social security, unemployment benefits, unemployment benefits has been replaced by a two-tier structure consisting of unemployment benefit II (basic wage for job-seekers) and unemployment. Who is eligible for Hartz 4? In principle all working and help needy persons aged between 15 and 65 years whose main residence is Germany entitled to Hartz 4. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with CVS. Erwerbsfahig means here that the disabled person is generally in a position, at least 3 hours daily to work even if this is not possible under certain circumstances (E.g. through child care) for a certain period of time. \”II in turn is in need of assistance pursuant to 9 of the social code (SGB) who his livelihood, his inclusion in work and livelihood of people living with him in a required community not or not sufficiently out of own forces and means can secure and not by others, in particular members or carriers of other social benefits receives the assistance.\” For foreigners, the prerequisite for a claim on Hartz 4 is given by a proven work permit either or but this, that an exhibition as unproblematic is classified and the / the person concerned not first and foremost in Germany is, to look for work. Furthermore, those are entitled to Hartz IV, living together with a working place in a so-called need for Community (BG).