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  • Make A Big Delta

    A small article from the training program, designed for pumping of delta. Short on the causes of the backlog and the deltoid split to their workout. Usually the main reason for the lag of one muscle group from the others – overtraining. First, twenty sets per workout for sure too. Willy-nilly you have to drag out the training. But bodybuilding – not marathons, but rather a sprint. It requires not so much endurance as explosive tactics sprinter.

    Second, twelve reps per set – is also too much; optimal muscle mass – it is somewhere 6-8 reps. Since the shoulder girdle lags behind the rest of the muscle exercise in the delta need to put in the first place and set to begin with them. I would advise the coach of the delta every third day for the next split-pattern: Exercise 1: chest, biceps, triceps, Workout 2: quadriceps, biceps, thighs, calves, Workout 3: Delta, spin. Complex of deltas, I would suggest this: Exercise Sets Rept. Bench 2 Rod sitting 6.8 Shrugs Barbell 2 8.6 Dilution with dumbbells in the inclination of 2 or 6.8 Climbing through Side 2 6.8 Bench sitting in the simulator 2 6.8 Two sets with maximum weights for each exercise – it is optimal, and the number of repetitions required is such as to bring Delta to failure. Believe me, this scheme – the best option for increasing the total muscle, the masses, and shoulders.

    Because hard work, you need in each exercise to warm up first two sets of 15 – 20 repetitions. The first exercise, the lifts through the hand, not only deliberately pumps average beams deltas, but also prepares the muscles to the second item of training – . Just remember that to raise the dumbbells up to shoulder level – not higher! In my opinion, better not do bench presses while standing and sitting. Sitting position much more effectively isolates the delta, because it does not give any opportunities to "cheat" – sharply push the weight or bounce their knees. The third exercise, shrugs with dumbbells – for the trapezoid. As you know, a trapeze and Delta connected most directly. Powerful, well-trained trapeze – the key to successful operation of deltas, and they have laid a solid power base for the last exercise – dilutions in the slope. Dilution dumbbells in the slope of the rear load bundles of deltas, which are often paid too little attention. And undeservedly! After all, they give a complete and perfect form throughout the shoulder girdle muscles. Here's my advice: just follow this scheme, and your shoulders start to grow before our eyes.

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  • Sports Betting

    The company, headquartered in Madrid, has unveiled its sports bets for what will be the 32nd edition of the legendary Dakar Rally, for the second consecutive time, will take place in South American lands of Chile and Argentina. The riders Marc Coma and Jordi Viladoms will wear the green colors of the AMV with which they hope to achieve great successes. South American deserts will witness the constant struggle forward tandem of victory. Frank Allard, president of AMV, following the same philosophy of the company, has opted for the youth of the new rider Jordi Viladoms, who last year's rally and showed great potential, and energy security and consecrated as a pilot the case of Marc Coma. With this move, AMV continues to develop its line of sponsorship based on support for the leading exponents of Spanish motorsport. Marc Coma (Pilot AMV): "In AMV we share a special relationship which over the years is becoming even stronger. I am very happy to have, once again, with the valuable support that, year after year, from AMV are showing me. I will fight to make a success of the great support I am receiving.

    The next edition of the Dakar will not be easy and I will with the help of Jordi Viladoms important on the team with whom we share a good friendship. His great will and determination pilot basis in order to achieve a good result. Jordi Viladoms (AMV Pilot): "I am very happy to be part of the new AMV. For my part, I will strive for the best AMV greens can fly at the top. We went to Argentina with great determination and with the hope to get very good results. I want to thank AMV confidence placed in the team again, and especially me. I am honored to have such a precious help. "

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  • Messi Taught Soccer

    EFE Leo Messi played last and gave a real lesson in football. The Argentine scored three goals and scored a penalty that led to Ibra. The win makes the club level on points with Real Madrid. The FC Barcelona was not just options to Real Zaragoza, who defeated at home without problems, with the second consecutive hat-trick scorer in Leo Messi after the made in Valencia, and maintains the pulse with Real Madrid at the top of the standings . Pep Guardiola's team barely had worn for the win and only had to wait for your opponent to fall like ripe fruit in the second half, when he decided to step forward and take risks in search of the equalizer, which proved lethal to their interests. The Catalans had the good fortune of being in the 5th minute with a gift of Uruguayan defender Carlos Diogo on the edge of the area, not Leo Messi missed to make the score in franchise to its colors.

    From there the game became a great round the whole country with Barcelona trying to maintain the possession of the ball as long as possible against an opponent who consistently ran behind him. Moreover, the fact of being ahead in the electronic allowed no hurry to get to the goal against which looked rather little. Even at times all Pep Guardiola was the sense of sufficiency over to the little danger that bore his opponent in their area, perhaps thinking about saving efforts after the accumulation of which obliges parties to the Champions League.

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  • European Citizen Sports

    The euroargentinos are Argentines who have European citizenship. The most important group of euroargentinos is represented by the descendants of Europeans who emigrated to Argentina and received jus sanguinis citizenship of his ancestors. Then there are those who have obtained marriage eurpoea ciudadnia (jure marriage) according to country of origin are divided into: Anglo-Argentines, francoargentinos, Germanoargentinos, grecoargentinos hispanoargentinos, italoargentinos, etc. Within Euroargentinos the italoargentinos hispanoargentinos and represent about 80% of the total. , Then follow the Anglo-Argentines, the francoargentinos, the germanoargentinos etc. With the lengthening of the European Union on 1 May 2004, ten states have joined more: Poland, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia.

    , Cyprus. Malta. Many of these countries have descendants in Argentina. This will allow many Argentines descendants of these European immigrants to acquire European citizenship and become part of the turn euroargentinos the Euroargentinos are part of the Euro-Latin American ie the descendants of European immigrants to various countries in Latin America and have European citizenship and Euro-Latin American euroargentinos The two countries have a birth or residence of another of its European origin. The rights of euroargentinos are living, studying and working in the twenty-five Member States of the European Union, with equal rights of every European citizen, etc. Words are recognized as citizens to all effects. Eligible survivors are the Argentines who have the right to obtain the European citizenship by desconociemiento disinterest or have not yet obtained BENEFITS OF EUROPEAN CITIZENSHIP reside and work freely in the twenty-five states of the European Union without a visa or work permit.

    Following undergraduate or graduate courses in European universities, with the rate for Europeans. To transmit citizenship to their children and spouse. Having protection of European consulates when traveling or residing abroad. Practice in the EU, has converted his college degree. Academic positions in European universities and official international agencies UNESCO, OECD, NATO, EU, FAO, CNRS, CNR, European Parliament, EU agencies and the European Central Bank. Voting in European Parliament elections in the EU. Studying English in Britain, Ireland Community price, although it could work regularly. Scholarships offered by other countries or international organizations to European citizens. Entering the diplomatic service of his country in Europe if you have validated the degree and whether to approve the admission contest. Enter as a student at the academies Military, Aviation and Marine. Exercise their profession if you have converted their degrees. Carry out any commercial activity envisaged by the European Union to vote in Argentina to elect deputies and senators in parliamentary elections in his country in Europe (Spain, France, Belgium and Italy, athletes (football players, rugby, volleyball, tennis, hockey etc. ) Can integrate European teams and selected through their European citizenship. Processing and acquisition of European citizenship.

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  • Tips For Runners

    So you've decided to take to run? Perhaps you are starting again after putting it off for years. Here is a list of tips that I have found beneficial to the starting runner or even the seasoned pro. 1. Stretch your legs and feet? BEFORE AND AFTER S Stretching is the first thing to remember in any running program. Keep muscles flexible and relaxed tension, your joints mobile, and relieve tension and make a few gentle stretches before and after execution. I can not stress enough how important it is to stretch after the race and cool. I have found most new runners miss this vital step in your exercise program.

    You do not want to start doing too much too soon. Build your body up while you prepare to meet the demands you are about to ask of your body. Make sure to loosen the hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, iliotibial (IT) band, hips, buttocks and the plantar fascia (area at the bottom of the foot between the heel and ball of the foot). Stretch until you feel tension but not pain. Never bounce because they can tear the muscles and cause more serious problems.

    2. POSE! POSE! POSE! It is not finished school, but the principal is the same. Runs the whole body movement and correct posture and body mechanics help reduce tension in your body. Keep your body perpendicular to the ground. Do not lean on it. Hopefully they are not running in the wind tunnel. Moving arms and, of course, go with the flow.

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  • Education Curriculum

    The curriculum currently applying for primary education-based content framed norms, values, skills, etc. In an organized way, and objectives expected to cause, encourage or facilitate by teaching personal growth processes, provides information and data on when, what and how to teach, structured teaching and learning activities in which students along with teachers can participate in relation to the objectives around the selected contents, to the extent to which progress with the above and the intentions mentioned mentioned is reached which is the indispensable to ensure the pedagogical action "assessment", which is responsible for corrections to plans of action, thus we realize that the curriculum is the project which governs school educational activities, has served as a guide for teachers of primary level, stating intentions and appropriate actions, in turn, provide tools to guide their pedagogical practice, however, the curriculum explains the rationale of education , but does not take into account the educational reality and the real conditions in which they carried out educational activities, as it is too far from the reality of the classroom as often turn out to be of little or no help for teachers live another reality, a clear example to be the cultural aspect that tends to be of vital importance in certain localities or communities, as in many of these places have different beliefs and customs that are being of concern to the locals, while other localities may not have the same importance. The curriculum as a project can not take into account all the factors involved in the educational and should not replace the initiative and responsibility of teachers, but you can take into account information on the origin and nature of the place where it applies, unfortunately , the curriculum implemented in primary education is not flexible because the plan and programs of study provide an annual calendar of 200 days and that is imposed by the Ministry of Education, and carefully monitored and sanctioned by it, besides that in subjects and hours of each is properly allocated for each one of them, so talking about a rigid educational system. .

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  • Education Rights

    Of course there is a need not to forget about education rights, as the management of the wheel car trucker spends week and months, in general, live permanently. In a conspicuous place is a good faith respects you as a manager and your employee drivers. May arise during transport and in general any abnormality. In any case of them not just the driver must, and must notify. It may be in the set options for the driver in a position to intentionally make mountains out of molehills, and from so-so not a big mistake, huge problemu.Poetomu great role must be given driver training. Finally, it is not only required good faith know the laws and rules of the road is generally not debated, it must both know the Lord's Prayer in good faith international caw convention, all the features and the allowable weight load on the axis, and in each separately one country and simply different traffic laws and acts in each country where it shines with a high or low speed drive.

    Yes, plus everything from the driver should work deep head, because seriously taking the goods for transportation, he takes responsibility for the delivery of its final consumer. However, welcome to adopt and properly put luggage in the baggage compartment is not all that is required to monitor the availability of documents for the cargo – the presence of all the important accompanying documents for the whole of the free baggage delivery to the endpoint, you should check the consignment documents. Otherwise, a very unpleasant experience for you is to kindly make the border customs and other inspection services, well for the trucking company could this result in big trouble. So, before leaving the driver must be true of the baggage, he is obliged to respond designated in the documents. For the relationship to the driver, carrying cargo, very appropriate sms correspondence. And telephone calls only in an emergency options.

    And of course the only recognized state-owned communication, personal life should be separated from work. Perhaps this situation should be monitored daily and, if not with the driver should be deducted for personal interviews by telephone number. As this practice clearly indicates work. They say, moreover, a working phone number the driver is constantly integrated and free. The driver must closely monitor the technical condition of the vehicle, in particular, and when the car is on warranty. Eventually, the pressure in the wheels, check the status of the cargo vehicle before and after and during the flight, is a direct duties of the driver. Of Practice 70-80 percent shooting trucks in flight is the absolute fault of the driver. Likely, the driver's fault, and once fully established, and he quietly accepted this, then partially or completely covered the cost of repairs to pay the driver. But if the pressure conclusive event the driver does not see the fault in fault, and almost no very-very valuable arguments lead can not, then you need to think about in general professional competence of the driver.

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  • General Democracy

    Loop the loop is idle, not rhetorical precious Lord General, which must be deeply democratic is democracy itself, the true system of liberties, with a solid institutional framework and with an authentic citizen participation in determining their fates and ways to achieve them. Something that their “high” was put on a silver platter for nine years, the democracy that we had allowed the removal and prosecution of a sitting president for some reason, in the light of what you have shown us all this time, now we crave the most sovereign and most despicable ridiculous minutiae. That democracy, which could be spoiled by the effects pernicious prolonged exposure to the terms of the fixed-point pact, but in which the system of checks works and it works so well that nobody of the Fourth Republic could have or even try a few dark manipulations have been made in the fifth with the electoral system, the rep or the issuance of identity. A democracy was unthinkable that the betrayal of an assembly, a prosecutor or a supreme court, useless and, today, for their actual functions. A democracy, General, in which no one dared to turn the FAN, where you were educated and thrived for so long, in the meek and holy altar of lambs to not tarnish his golden hurts when looking up soles their eyes to its “very high” drool with amazement and admiration for his magnificence of cardboard and tinsel. “… The policy of full nationalization of all agricultural, industrial and commercial created between the government and people serious misunderstandings and discontent that lead to anarchy, anti-hunger and rebellion.

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  • Thrombophlebitis

    Prevention of thrombophlebitis. Any educated person, not just a doctor, should know that thrombophlebitis of superficial veins of the lower extremities is a complication of diseases leading to chronic venous failure. When the first symptoms of distress on the part of the venous system (edema of the foot and ankle by the end of the day, feeling of heaviness in the legs, leg cramps, the emergence of extended nodes in the form of veins that konturiruyut clearly in an upright position), the patient should seek medical attention. The patient should realize that if the disease is detected early, it can be cured without surgery or using a minimum surgery. Therefore, the sooner he turns to the doctor, the better and more reliable will be the results of treatment of chronic venous insufficiency, which prevents the development of varikotromboflebita.

    Of great importance has a way of life. It is known that people who lead sedentary lives, varicose veins occur in no more than 10% of cases. If most of the work and spend leisure time sitting, the disease develops in 25-30%. Persons whose professional activity involves prolonged stay motionless in a standing position, are at greatest risk. Varicose disease affects 65% of them. That is why even the appearance of signs chronic venous insufficiency should not lead to a decrease in physical activity of the patient. On the contrary, people at high risk of venous diseases of lower limbs and their initial manifestations requires long walks, special exercises (you can do any exercise while sitting and lying). Useful and desirable for some sports such as swimming, jogging, cycling.

    It should be warn patients of significant weight lifting, sports-related risk of leg injuries. It is desirable to avoid a close, tight-fitting clothes and shoes narrow high heels. Also undesirable for patients with symptomatic venous insufficiency thermal procedures (bath, sauna, sun exposure or in the solarium).

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    On you will find the more than 4,000 nationwide contact ads for sexual services, according to a study, many men choose the path in a brothel. The business grows steadily with the venal love and the appeal of country houses, but also of escort agencies, is increasing. But a joy a brothel is not always the same. Search after a matching Laufhaus helps the Berlin company fast, reliable and service-oriented with a wide selection of premium personals brothel a revealing story the brothel industry is almost as old as the idea of sex itself. Because in antiquity was is at your whim in establishments content, which are today known under the term brothel or brothel. The most famous and oldest brothel is in Pompeii, which illustrates the service program, generous with erotic murals in the entrance hall. Laufhaus a popular address for the pleasure to this day to have always new variations of the venal Love develops.

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