Peoples Body

  • He had never made use of the right to the vote in a earth where supposedly the democracy is dominated. But after two consecutive mandates of Mr. Alvaro Uribe Vlez and all the incidences, good and bad, that they have perlado his government, it was practically impossible to me to continue doing the one to me of the fat view in this matter. Our present agent chief executive has not been ” santo of my devocin” , for several reasons that do not come to the case of enumerating, nor to stress, but similarly I cannot either cover the sun with a finger and to not know that most significant that Mr. Uribe has done throughout these years he is to maintain abiertamente guerrerista position in front of the subversive and terrorist groups, aiming to him, that yes, with the unrestricted and heroic support of the army and the police, forceful blows that have managed to diminish their power and afincamiento to them, like no other agent chief executive bear to dare, although in this case would be motivated by a personal revenge, offering to Colombia this way a deep breathing him in the matter of security. To say that the CRAF and the ELN are in via of extinction, that they very just a short time have left of insurgent life like terrorist movement, which already they are defeated, is a so great deceit, as to say that our President did not have anything, nadita that to see with the subject of the chuzadas ones of the DAS, swears therefore it. All the powder magazine that armed after the murder of the guerrilla leader Raul Kings in Ecuadorian territory and the consequent ruptures of diplomatic relations with the neighboring country, combined to the quarrels, almost of personal tone, being the Venezuelan agent chief executive Hugo Chavez and Mr.