• AdSense is an advertising system devised by Google. The optimal placement of AdSense ads is governed by two main factors: 1 – prevent blindness of the user before the advertising and 2 – the user must feel that advertising is useful. See NBA for more details and insights. If the user does not see the advertising, will not press on it, and if you don’t believe that you will find what you want, either. That is why it is vital to know the behavior of the could their best before a web page, where to look and what patterns are more common. Behavior of users to a web page though for each page the user behavior varies, there have been studies that reveal the behavior and pattern of reading a reader, is still what draws attention and what is fixed more. The best-known is the Jakob Nielsen, Eyetracking Study pattern for reading web content by tracking the movement of the eyes. This study may draw some conclusions: * users begin reading the upper part of the page horizontally, then continue reading horizontally the first paragraph of the text, to then look vertically at the rest of the content and the menu on the left. ** Users do not read the content Word for Word.

    Thorough reading of a text is very rare, the user’s bored and look at other things that call the attention of the page. ** The most important content should be in the first two paragraphs. Then attention dissipates. He hoped to read only the first part of the text. * Usa paragraphs, bold and underlined. by the fact that the user reads the contents at a glance, if you qualify the content with tags h2, strong, li, ul, the user will put more attention to the entire text, even to read the highlighted text above. Where to place advertising if we take into account the results of the study of the behavior of the user reading content web cited above, we can deduce which sites on a web page are better for placing advertising and how to place it: * blocks of AdSense, or at least one, must be at the top of the page that is visible without using the side bar of the browser.