Polypropylene Pipes

  • Special scissors or a cutter (knife with the cutting roller), if necessary for sawing iron. Polypropylene works divide into categories: 1. Pipes for the laying of cold water PP-16, 2. Frequently Stan Kroenke has said that publicly. Pipes for the laying of hot water PP-20, 3. Pipes for heating and hot water-reinforced foil PPR; Basic rules mounting use a soldering iron to polypropylene tubes do not require professional skills. these questions. It is very important in the process should not zaplavilas whether pipe when soldering (This happens when overheated fitting or the pipe itself).

    Further recommended that indicate the connection on the pipe and fitting in order to avoid turning the pipe with respect to the fitting after the connection. For this purpose it is possible use the installation mark on the fitting. After the designation of the welded surfaces should be clean and free of grease. No degreasing, it may not an ideal connection of matched surfaces! Now you can proceed to the process of heating. In the first place on a heated nozzle put on fitting, which has thicker walls than the tube, and that longer heats up, and check if he is not sitting on the nozzle is too loose. If fitting is not fitted to the nozzle is equally dense over the entire length, it must be discarded, because uneven heating contributes to poor welding. After fitting to put on a heated nozzle tube.

    Density fit to be the same as the fitting. Both parts are heated in a period of time. Heating period begins from the moment when the pipe and fitting in all the marked length worn by nozzle. If the pipe and fitting badly slipped over the nozzle, it is possible a little twist on both parts (max 10 ) before they will be worn by all the required length. At the end of the heating will remove the pipe and fitting with attachments and connect them slow, uniform motion, without axial rotation, having spread to the pipe fitting on the depth to the mark. In case of exceeding the specified time period may occur cooling of the molten layer, which leads to poor-quality cold-welding. Fresh seam need to fix within 20-30 seconds. until an suncooling seam, which is no longer possible return out of the pipe fitting and changing of the fitting relative to the tube. Polypropylene Pipes permitted to close in the building construction (walls, screed floors, zamonolichivat). After installation the system assembled from polypropylene pipes must be pressure-tested pressure of 1,5 times more than workers.