Printed Folding Rules

  • Freebies as a means of communication give a sign of reliability and resistance to the consumer. Giveaways can fit to a specific season to an upcoming holiday, or a particular type of event. Of course, the nature of the article aimed even after the target group. Small children can be a joy with sweets or Pluschtierchen, young women with pretty accessories and a male, which technically audience with useful articles, for example with freebies that everyone in the House needs. Folding rules are very classic, simple and convincing at any time, because they are essential for the small or larger works in the House. In addition to the customary rule nice and unusual ideas are at the freebies that you can not buy in any store: there is for example the mini ruler, which can be fastened with a key ring on the keychain to always have it. The mini – water balance, is related to the rule the is incredibly handy if it is always close at hand in case of necessity.

    These small helpers are printed individually and unforgettable. With a clear statement to the precisely defined target group, the advertising message is safely under people. The low price allows the use of many giveaways. The high contact figures will increase the advertising impact and effect a good return on investment. Andreas Borg Giffits GmbH